XpressView Makes Crane Inspection Reports Instantly Simple

Street CraneXpress – a leading national service provider of crane maintenance, inspection and repairs – has pioneered a smooth, efficient and hassle-free crane service experience for customers through its recently launched system, ‘XpressView’. 

XpressView is a unique, automated reporting system that gives customers instant online access to all their lifting equipment’s inspection service reports. The idea was conceived by Street CraneXpress with the desire to find the best possible way to deliver a reliable system that saves time, minimises paperwork and allows customers to keep on top of crane safety via easily accessible Service Reports and ROTEs.

Ray Fletcher, Director of Street CraneXpress said, “Today’s marketplace demands everything to be instantaneous, so in order to meet the needs of both the market and our customers we wanted to provide an instant comprehensive cradle-to-grave reporting system that could record and evaluate every step of the crane service process. We wanted to find a way to make life easier for both ourselves and our customers by implementing a system that would make the whole service, repair and sign off process more efficient.”

XpressView uses Street CraneXpress’ specialist tablet software to link all details of all items of their clients’ lifting equipment to its automated system. This then enables Street CraneXpress engineers to automatically access each site’s data and service schedules from the server, saving time and allowing them to focus on servicing the equipment. Customers can then log in to view the results as soon as their equipment has been inspected, as well as access all their historical service records from the same secure portal, consequently also saving time and the hassle of tedious administration.

XpressView also helps to guarantee safety on clients’ sites by enforcing UK Health and Safety regulations (H&S Work Act 1974, Section 7). The moment a Street CraneXpress engineer logs in to XpressView, the software demands the completion of both a Risk Assessment and Method Statement which must then be signed off by the customer before any inspection is carried out. This helps to enforce safety on site and reassure the customer that every element of their crane service is being carried out safely and professionally.

“Creating an automated system like this not only gives our engineers more time to get on with the job, but also eliminates any delay in scheduling service follow-up and repair work on any items of lifting equipment that might fail an inspection. The system instantaneously highlights to our customer service team what work is required, so clients do not have to wait for the resolution of any issues on their cranes,” added Fletcher.

For more information about the XpressView system, please visit www.xpressview.uk.

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