Wisconsin Lifting Specialists Relies on Peerless Industrial Group for Custom Lifting Products

LargeDia4Peerless Industrial Group’s custom lifting division located in Jeannette, PA recently fabricated a large, 1-3/4” diameter, multi-leg alloy chain sling for Wisconsin Lifting Specialists.  The size of this chain sling demonstrates the ability and technical expertise that Peerless has in manufacturing, welding and heat treating large alloy chain slings and alloy components.

The sling is a type QOF welded chain slingwith an overall reach of 30’-4”.  It consists of a 4-1/2” diameter alloy steel master link assembly, 4 legs of 1-3/4” diameter alloy steel chain and (4) custom made, hand forged, alloy steel eye foundry hooks to serve as end attachments for each of the four legs of chain.  The sling’s working load limit (WLL) is 341,000 LBS at a 60 degree sling angle and the actual shipping weight totaled 5,200 LBS.

Peerless operates two custom lifting divisions; one is located in South Holland, IL and the other one is located in Jeannette, PA. Both facilities manufacture in accordance to current ASME, ASTM and OSHA standards.  They can manufacture and repair welded and mechanical chain slings up to and including 2″ chain. They also manufacture custom hooks and virtually any type of below-the-hook overhead lifting device. The alloy steel welding capabilities for master links and magnet chain assemblies are unlimited.

LargeDia2Before delivering the 1-3/4”alloy sling to Wisconsin Lifting Specialists, Peerless contracted the services of Holloway Houston, Inc. (HHI) to “proof test” the chain sling in accordance to OSHA standards.  Peerless routinely proof tests their own chain slings in Jeannette, PA, but due to the overall physical size and long reach of this particular chain sling, Peerless asked HHI for some assistance in proof testing.

Holloway Houston performs proof load and break tests of up to 10 million pounds on wire rope, synthetic ropes, chain slings and assemblies, oilfield equipment and tools, and a variety of specialty products.

Per U.S. Federal OSHA Regulation 1910.184, ”…before use, each new, repaired or reconditioned alloy chain slings, including all welded components in the sling assembly, shall be proof tested by the sling manufacturer or equivalent entity in accordance with paragraph 5.2 of the American Society of Testing Materials Specification A391-65 (ANSI G61.1-1968).   The owner and manufacturer of the chain sling shall retain a certificate of the proof test and shall make it available for examination.”

LargeDiaHolloway proof tested Peerless’ 1-3/4” Type QOF alloy chain sling on their 3 million pound capacity, 200 ft. long test bed.  Per OSHA Regulations, HHI proof tested the 4-1/2” diameter alloy master link to a load of 787,500 LBS, the (2) secondary links on the master link assembly were pulled to a load of 525,000 LBS and each of the (4) chain sling legs were individually pulled to a load of 262,500 LBS.

Upon the successful completion of the load test, HHI provided all of the necessary proof test certificates, as well as all of the graphical charts plotting the tension load in pounds over time.  The sling has been delivered to Wisconsin Lifting Specialists and it will be in put into service soon.

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