Verton and The Crosby Group Expand Load Orientation Technology in North America

Verton and The Crosby Group are proud to announce an expansion of Verton’s load orientation technology in North America.

As a partner and Master Distributor of Verton products for the Americas, The Crosby Group has invested in additional units for deployment in the United States and Canada, as well as key team members to support the growing business.  

Verton’s innovative load orientation solutions include Everest 6, SpinPodTM 7.5 and SpinPodTM 30, a modular load orienting system for a broad range of working load limits.

Robert Desel, CEO of The Crosby Group, said: “Verton’s remote-controlled load orientation products provide a step-change in terms of the safety and productivity of our customers’ lifting operations. Verton’s wireless products remotely orientate suspended loads without the need for taglines, using gyroscopes and sophisticated control systems, removing the need for personnel near or under loads.  The combined strengths of Verton’s product with the rich rigging heritage of The Crosby Group has allowed us to bring these benefits to job sites across the Americas.”

CEO of Verton, Tim Ekert, said, “We are thrilled to see the investment that The Crosby Group is making in support of our partnership. Verton will have a greatly increased presence in the market to bring our products to new customers and industries and to provide an increased level of support to our existing customers.”

The Verton range of intelligent and safe lifting solutions can provide benefits to all industries. The Crosby Group services include land-based and offshore energy, construction and infrastructure, cargo handling and towing, marine, mining, and transportation.

Verton guarantees that their solutions deliver an ROI of at least 25% per month. Verton’s load orientation technology reduces downtime by 25% and hook time by 50%. In addition, Verton users see an immediate improvement in the safety and productivity of their lifting operations.

For more information on Verton and The Crosby Group, visit their websites at and

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