US Cargo Control Launches New Line of Stainless Steel Cable Railing

E-commerce company US Cargo Control has introduced a new category of stainless steel cable railing products on its website.

Cable rail systems are an excellent option for creating railings along decks, patios, stairs, or loft spaces in the home or office, or even around docks or platforms in industrial settings, as they provide a durable safeguard while allowing for an unobstructed view.

Hundreds of products are available, including stainless steel cable, turnbuckles, end fittings, a hand swage tool, and various hardware. The company is also offering packaged assemblies in six popular basic styles, which includes cable and all the hardware needed for one cable span. A cable span runs horizontally from a fixed end post, through an intermediate post, and is then secured at an opposite fixed end post. Local building codes and guidelines will dictate how many assemblies are needed for one span of decking, but in most cases, 11 cable assemblies are needed for a standard residential 36″ rail height. Customers are urged to check their local building requirements before purchasing any cable railing products.

All wire and assemblies are available in 1/8″, 3/16″, and ¼” diameters in a 1×19 wire construction. The 1×19 construction is comprised of 19 wires combined into a single rope strand. This design creates a semi-rigid feel with minimal stretch. It can be used for most railing applications since it can be safely bent up to 45°. The wire used is a type 316 stainless steel, so it can be used both outdoors and indoors since it resists the elements and won’t rust or corrode.

“Cable railing systems is a category we’ve been working diligently to develop; there are so many variations in design and style, we wanted to make sure we’re offering just what our customers are looking for in a deck railing system,” said Sarah Barron, US Cargo Control’s merchandise team lead. “Our experience with wire rope for the rigging industry has been very helpful, as we’ve been able to utilize that knowledge base and call upon our trusted suppliers. We’re confident this new category of products will continue to grow.”

Information about the cable railing systems is on the company’s website, and includes a downloadable cable railing catalog as well as an information and installation guide. However, because so many variations are available in the cable railing systems category, customers are asked to call 888-794-0584 and speak to a sales specialist to place an order.

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