US Cargo Control Introduces New Products, New Website

CaptureUS Cargo Control has increased its selection of wire  rope products and re-vamped its web pages to better serve its customers.

An entire category of specialty steel cable products has been added,  including compacted and swaged steel configurations, which offer greater  strength than standard steel cable rope.  Spin resistant wire rope cable has  also been added to better serve industries such as excavating, logging, marine  and dredging.

US Cargo Control’s VP of Marketing, Sarah  Barron, says months of research went into determining what products needed  to be added to round out the company’s wire cable category.  “We were offering a limited line of popular wire rope products, and we  quickly learned after research and customer feedback, that we should be adding  more configurations for particular industries,” said Barron. “Along with the  spin resist wire rope, our new category also includes drilling  line and sand line wire rope, which should satisfy the needs of those in  industries such as well drilling.”

Other current categories, such as the company’s aircraft  cable and stainless  steel cable railing were also updated with additional sizes and wire types  in an effort to reach customers that may not be finding the particular products  they need at brick and mortar stores.

“We’re particularly pleased with our cable rail products; we introduced an  initial line last year, and are happy to see those ticking up in sales,” said  Barron. “It’s really a great product line because it is completely customizable,  and we have a dedicated sales staff that can help customers make their  selection. Customers are getting the best of both worlds: a wide range of  products, and personalized service.”

The addition of the new wire rope products also initiated the beginning of a  re-design of the website pages to make it easier for customers to shop the wire  and cable categories.  Items are now separated first by configuration (i.e.  6×19, 6×37, 7×19, etc.), then customers can make their choices of wire type,  such as bright wire, stainless steel, or galvanized.

Wire rope from US Cargo Control can be purchased online at  or by calling the company’s phone line with a dedicated sales team specially  trained in wire rope products: 800-660-3585.

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