US Cargo Control Expands Selection of Lifting Slings and Straps

CaptureInternet retailer US Cargo Control has recently added new products to its selection of nylon slings for lifting and also revamped the web sling pages to make it easier for customers to shop.

An entire category of nylon bridle slings has been added to the website including single leg, double leg, triple leg, and quad leg nylon lifting straps. Because the lift straps are custom made, customers are asked to call the US Cargo Control sales team to place an order.

Bridle web slings offer some advantages over other lifting slings because multiple legs allow the bearing points to be rotated, which extends the working life of the sling. A bridle sling in nylon also has some benefits over a bridle chain sling or bridle wire rope sling if overall weight is a concern. A nylon sling is also more flexible, easier to handle, and will not conduct electricity like a wire rope sling or chain sling can.

US Cargo Control’s VP of Marketing, Sarah Barron, says researching customer purchase history went into determining which types of hoist straps should be added to round out the company’s nylon web sling category.

“Our multi-leg slings in chain and wire rope have always been best sellers for us; it just made sense to offer the bridle style sling in a lighter-weight option as well,” said Barron.

The addition of the new nylon bridle sling category was also part of a larger re-design of the lifting strap category. The pages now feature interactive charts so customers can easily choose the width and length of any particular sling they are interested in.

Another change to the nylon lifting straps category is the addition of an online quote form for boat slings. Customers can fill in basic information such as length needed and options like chine sleeves and keel pads, and a sales team member from US Cargo Control will contact the customer with a price quote.

“There is such a wide variety of options available for boat slings, we thought that having an interactive quote form online was the best way to ensure we would have all the information needed to create an accurate quote for a customer,” said Barron. “We still encourage customers to call in and speak to our sales team if they have any questions about boat lifting straps, or if they’d rather not use the form.”

Barron says category re-vamps are also planned for all other types of lifting slings and straps the company offers:polyester round slings, wire rope slings, and chain slings.

“Updating product categories on our website has been a meticulous process,” said Barron. “Our plans include offering more products, expanding informative descriptions, adding more photos and line drawings, and correlating content with articles on our US Cargo Control blog, and videos on our US Cargo Control YouTube channel. We want to ensure that we’re offering customers everything they need to make an informed purchase.”


About US Cargo Control

US Cargo Control was founded in 2005, offering products for the trucking, hauling, rigging, lifting and moving supply businesses through its flagship website. The company quickly expanded its brand portfolio to include additional web properties under the Clickstop company name. Focused on offering relevant products, timely delivery, and excellent customer service, Clickstop web properties serve diverse markets that include the moving and cargo control industry, energy efficient insulation products, home organizing solutions, and personal fashion and styling.

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