UK Tecni-Cable Unveils the Ultimate Secure Solution

Renowned wire rope specialist, Tecni-Cable, has launched a new security cable system that can be used to lock up anything! The Tecni security cable is a quick and easy way to lock-up your belongings and keep them safe.

With its 16mm diameter ‘bullet eye’ fitting, it can be threaded through almost anything, for example a bike or canoe. And thanks to its flexible wire rope, it is easy to wrap around an object such as a lamppost or railings.

This product has been designed by the Tecni-Cable team after they received a lot of requests for small cables that could secure canoes or surfing gear. The UK manufactured bullet fitting is what makes the difference as the cable can choke back through the other eye. The cable can then be pulled, like a lasso, so that the entire length of wire can be threaded back through the eye to maximize the usable length of the cable.

The security cable system has a myriad of uses – for instance, it can be used to lock garden furniture away using a long length of cable or separate short lengths of cable. On the other hand, individual bullet locks can safely lock away racks of guns. So that the owner can access them individually and safely.

The high quality 6mm stainless marine grade steel is completely weather proof and the cable is coated to 10mm diameter in the UK in a crystal grey PVC coating that protects any paint finishes. The cable has a two-tonne breaking load, yet at the same time it is light and flexible.

The system is also totally maintenance free and even if it was used to lock up a yacht in sea water, it would never corrode. It has a much more flexible approach than most cables on the market. The standard length of most security cables is two metres or six feet, whilst the Tecni-Cable security cable can be ordered up to 100 metres.

Managing Director, Trevor Heyworth commented, “We developed this unique product from scratch. A lot of work went into fine tuning the bullet – we were working within tight parameters and because the size of the hole the cable had to fit through was small, it made this an engineering challenge. It was primarily designed for the marine leisure market, but it can be used anywhere – it is very versatile. It is totally flexible product that the customer can buy online, picking whatever length cable and whatever combination of locks they need and we will make it within 24 hours. It is so easy!”

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