TM Lift Safe Solution to Lift LOLER Compliance to New Heights

TM Lift Safe, a complete end-to-end IT solution which enables businesses to meet the legal requirements of the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER), which is the first of its kind, has been launched today. 

Leading enterprise mobility firm TBS Enterprise Mobility created TM Lift Safe in close consultation with The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) as an associate member, to tackle the all too common problem of non-compliance with LOLER. These important regulations ensure that all lifting equipment and accessories are safe to use, to mitigate the risk of injury – which in these cases is often serious and potentially fatal.

Steve Reynolds, managing director of TBS and president of the Mobile Data Association (MDA), commented: “Despite being introduced 16 years ago, the complexity and scope of LOLER, coupled with the administrative burden it can create, means many businesses are unwittingly in breach of the Health & Safety at Work Act, opening themselves up to law suits, not to mention putting employees at risk. At present many companies rely on laborious processes which lack traceability. Thorough Examinations can often take a matter of minutes, but the ensuing process to produce the necessary documentation can be slow, inefficient and unreliable – inevitably resulting in downtime. TM Lift Safe streamlines this process and gives managers visibility of assets and people.”

Harnessing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, TM Lift Safe provides a complete back end system as well as a mobile application for engineers and technicians, which can be easily uploaded onto any smartphone and rugged devices for ATEX Zone 1 and 2. TM Lift Safe automates the whole thorough examination process to ensure none of the vital safety checks are missed and asset records are kept up-to-date and auditable, as set out by LOLER.

The mobile app meticulously guides the assigned competent person through the examination process, capturing information which is used to automatically generate a ‘Report of Thorough Examination’ in real-time, integrated with the back end system, updating asset records and intelligently scheduling follow-up examinations.

As a standalone solution TM Lift Safe can be quickly implemented to begin scheduling all equipment examinations immediately. Steve added: “We showcased TM Lift Safe at the recent LEEA Roadshow and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Not only are users guaranteeing legal compliance and safeguarding against risk, they are also empowered to proactively manage engineers and technicians, and ensure equipment is well maintained to optimise lifespan.”

LOLER covers all lifting equipment and accessories for lifting, such as bath hoists, cranes, stair lifts, dumb waiters, lifts, slings, hooks and eyebolts, affecting businesses throughout industry. Construction, maritime, logistics, hospitality, plant, domiciliary care, facilities management as well as insurance, are among a long list of sectors which are subject to the regulations. 

For more information about TM Lift Safe, go to products/tm-lift-safe

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