The 40 Foot Yo-Yo Winch

Patterson Manufacturing, the leader in barge rigging for more than 150 years, recently introduced yet another innovation—a version of the revolutionary YoYo® Barge Winch with 40′ of takeup. Like the original 25′ YoYo, the patented YoYo 40 eliminates fouling, springcoil, and uncontrolled spooling while saving 50% more time. Costs and injuries are also vastly reduced with the new YoYo.

With 40′ of adjustable take-up and a brake for safer disconnects (and less sparking), this new YoYo is ideal for tank barges. The unique design creates less stress on your wire rope—there are reports that the ungrooved drum is extending wire rope life up to 300%! The heavy-duty YoYo is light in weight, because there’s no need for 100′ of line. The design eliminates delicate parts, which means it’s a tough and reliable upgrade to your rigging.

Faster makeups and breakups, less wear and tear, lighter weight, and increased safety add up to a winch that can actually pay for itself in just a short time. We invite you to find out how much you could save by switching to the YoYo—just visit our easy-to-use ROI calculator!

Also to note, as of April 2012, Patterson is a member of the Associated Wire Rope Fabricators (AWRF). Patterson Manufacturing plans to provide one-stop convenience and streamlined inventory management by offering wire rope along with their other rigging products.  They plan to be able to make barge rigging more economical for owners and operators.

“Our interest in expanding into the wire rope market reflects our dedication to serving our customers and our industry as a complete supplier,” said David Grapes, CEO. “Patterson has always stood for ‘Safer, Easier, Faster,’ and now we have an opportunity to apply those concepts to yet another necessary product. We believe that our customers will appreciate the convenience and savings that come with getting all of their rigging from one trusted source.”

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