Teufelberger Opens New Technology and Training Center

Teufelberger’s new technology and training center located at the Vogelweide site in Weis, Austria was inaugurated on September 23rd costing upward of 3.5 million euros.  The facility will be used by Teufelberger  has created a training and technology center intended to promote networking, innovation, and creativity with regard to the manufacturer of ropes and strapping.

“On the first upper floor, we installed a technology level. Finally, the development departments of Fiber Rope and Fibers+Plastics as well as Industrial Engineering and the Technical Office are all on the same floor”, says Florian Teufelberger, CEO of the TEUFELBERGER Group. “T-Bird, which is the name we have given to our blue T, offers space for creativity, for exploring new ideas. We offer our staff areas for communicating and so-called thinker zones where they can exchange ideas and, together, work on new products and solutions”.

Training Center
In addition to pioneering innovative products and processes, TEUFELBERGER places particular emphasis on providing training and education opportunities to its staff members. Therefore, T-Bird features training rooms where TEUFELBERGER can conduct in-house courses, workshops, and seminars. The new building also includes a gym. Within the scope of the TEUFELBERGER Academy’s new curriculum (in-house training and education program), staff members are given the opportunity for a health check. On request, they will also be provided with a personal training plan featuring workouts that can be done in the gym.

Energy Efficiency
“When constructing this building, our goal was to create a pleasant atmosphere while keeping energy consumption at a minimum”, says Teufelberger. “The energy consumption of T-Bird amounts to about 45 kWh/m² per year. By comparison, the average consumption in existing buildings in Austria is 120 kWh/m² per year.” Thanks to intelligent building services (system-guided shading, brightness control for lighting, etc.) and heating by means of a biomass power plant and a heat pump, TEUFELBERGER succeeded in achieving this goal and in making yet another contribution toward protecting the environment.

Investments for the Future
In order to continue working toward environmental protection, TEUFELBERGER decided to adapt the existing office building at our Vogelweide site in line with current energy standards. The rebuilding work that is currently being carried out is scheduled to be finished by the end of November. What is more, only this week investments in machinery for our two locations in Wels and amounting to more than 7 million euros were greenlighted.

Vogelweide Site
The Vogelweide site is where TEUFELBERGER is headquartered. Its Fiber Rope and Fibers+Plastics divisions with their sales and development departments and their manufacturing facilities are based at Vogelweide. This location is also home to service departments such as Accounting, IT, Human Resources, Purchasing, etc.

Manufactured products include strapping, baler twines, and industrial ropes. Since 2006, a biomass power plant, capable of covering the energy demand of more than 2,000 single-family homes, has been in use. The waste heat generated is used to produce the cooling power needed to cool machines and halls.

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