Teufelberger Introduces PLATINUM®

Platinum_kernloses_Ende_651c03c226The core/cover displacement in kernmantle ropes has been a problem since the day they were invented. Spurred by the ambition to solve this old problem, the research and development team of TEUFELBERGER, the Austrian specialist for ropes and strapping, started out in search of the key to success – and finally found it after many hours of meticulous development work.
PLATINUM® is the name of this new and innovative braiding technology. And the PLATINUM® rope construction has been submitted for patent by TEUFELBERGER. For the first time in the history of rope making the previously independent elements of a rope are merged into one unit. “With this technology we have created the basis for higher safety, a longer service life and better handling”, the managing director of the TEUFELBERGER Group, Florian Teufelberger explained.

What makes PLATINUM® so special compared with the kernmantle ropes currently available on the market? In conventional kernmantle ropes there is no connection between the core and the cover. The two components are loose and movable. With the new and innovative PLATINUM® technology TEUFELBERGER succeeded in establishing a mechanical and durable connection between the core and the cover.  Moreover, PLATINUM® interconnects parallel cores, thus relieving the particularly loaded outer yarns.

When using conventional kernmantle ropes, there are three critical situations likely to occur: the cover being pushed together, the cover being overloaded, and the cover end being left without a core. These are the three problem areas that may lead to dangerous situations for the user:

  1. If the core cannot sufficiently relieve the cover, the cover will break. This is prevented by a permanent mechanical connection between the core and the cover. The service life of the rope is increased.
  2. If the cover is pushed together, the rope diameter will increase. As a consequence, for example, a safe rappelling of the climber is no longer possible, and the climber has to be rescued after getting stuck because of the swelling. The new PLATINUM® technology prevents such pushing together of the cover. Therefore, safety is increased.
  3. In conventional kernmantle ropes the cover may be displaced against the core. During rappelling this may lead to a situation where there is no core left at the end of the rope, which is extremely dangerous. With PLATINUM®, coreless rope ends are a thing of the past. Due to the permanent mechanical connection between the core and the cover the climber’s safety is increased.

In addition to a long service life and high safety, users want comfortable handling. So far, ropes had to be braided very tightly to ensure a low core/cover displacement. This made them very stiff in the course of time. With PLATINUM®, tight braiding is not necessary any more, since the cover is mechanically and permanently connected with the core. Thus, TEUFELBERGER offers its customers a rope that remains pliable and that is flexible and easy to handle.

Currently, PLATINUM® is available as safety rope (PLATINUM® Protect) with a diameter of 10.5mm in the versions polyamide/polyamide and/or polyester/polyamide. However, the TEUFELBERGER development team is busy forging a 9mm rope which is to be ready for the market in the next few months. As a long-term objective, TEUFELBERGER wants to expand the technology to all its market segments.

The desire to find a solution for the problem of core/cover displacement has carried the TEUFELBERGER team over this sometimes very stony road. Due to the close cooperation of the whole team, the objective could finally be achieved, which leaves TEUFELBERGER convinced that the innovative PLATINUM® technology will lastingly change the world of textile ropes.

PLATINUM®– Revolution is now.

For more information please refer to:  www.platinum-rope.com!

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