Teufelberger creates ‘Perfection’

The new rope, Perfection TK15, has been specifically developed for use on cranes. Teufelberger says the high-performance rope ideally combines torsional stability, high breaking force, excellent durability, and optimum spooling characteristics. It is the first of Teufelberger’s entirely new generation of high-performance hoisting ropes for tower cranes.

This brand-new special-purpose rope, the successor to Teufelberger’s TK12 hoisting rope, offers users substantial improvements over its predecessor, the company says.

The entirely new rope configuration, combined with greater compaction, considerably increases the breaking forces vis-à-vis TK12 and comparable products.

In the crane rope testing facility, Teufelberger says, the new Perfection TK15 reached a 15% longer average service life than its predecessor before having to be discarded. A significant improvement of the life span as compared to comparable products has also been observed in practical use.

Teufelberger says the Perfection TK15 achieves a markedly improved torsional behaviour, especially with large hoisting heights such as on tower cranes, and heavy loads. This allows users to move goods with high precision. What is more, the rope winds perfectly on the drum even in difficult conditions, ensuring its long-term and trouble-free use in round-the-clock continuous operations.

Also new is the Evolution Q8 hoisting rope for harbour cranes and industrial applications. Teufelberger says its design was driven by the motto, ‘Endurance is everything’. The new special-purpose rope is the successor product to Teufelberger’s Q 810 V and Q 812 F hoisting ropes. It was developed in close cooperation with leading crane manufacturers. The outcome, Teufelberger says, is a high-quality special-purpose rope that offers long service life, higher minimum breaking force and strong performance in multi-layer winding.

Teufelberger says that, compared to conventional and similar products, the new Evolution Q8 exhibits, in the test lab as well as in practical use, a service life until reaching the discard state that is up to 40% longer than that offered by its predecessors, especially in single-layer winding configurations.

An innovative rope design in combination with compacted outer strands has increased the breaking strength considerably as compared to conventional 8 x 25 steel wire ropes, by about 20%, and vis-à-vis other products of this rope category, by about 5%, Teufelberger claims.

As a result of its compacted outer strands, Evolution Q8 is ideal for multi-layer winding configurations, even in difficult conditions. This permits its long and trouble-free use in permanent operations and helps reduce downtime.

The new high-performance hoisting rope, Teufelberger says, is ideally suited for use on van carriers, mobile harbour cranes, RTG and RMG cranes, ship-to-shore cranes, loading bridges, pontoon cranes, grab excavators and indoor cranes with low lifting height.

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