TEUFELBERGER Becomes Global Market Leader for Slope Winch Ropes

Well groomed slopes thanks to TEUFELBEGER winch ropes.  Faster, steeper, riskier … this trend has not stopped short of ski slopes. As expectations concerning the difficulty and quality of ski slopes continue to rise, so do the demands required of piste grooming equipment. Some slopes are so steep that they cannot be prepared by a snow groomer without the use of a securing element. For these conditions, snow groomers need a winch fitted with a steel wire rope. These ropes are developed and manufactured at TEUFELBERGER. The special manufacturing technology employed makes these ropes particularly durable and also resistant to highly compacted snow and ice.

20 years of experience in groomer winch ropes convinced the manufacturer of PistenBully snow cats. From now on, Austria-based steel wire rope specialist TEUFELBERGER will be Kässbohrer’s exclusive supplier of winch ropes. In addition to the exclusive agreement with the Germany-headquartered Kässbohrer Group, the global market leader for snow groomers, TEUFELBERGER also delivers its winch ropes to a snow cat manufacturer in Northern Italy. Consequently, the market for slope winch ropes is firmly under Austrian control.

Strengthening of Wels base

The anticipated increase in the sales figures for slope winch ropes has also necessitated an expansion of the manufacturing facilities for steel wire ropes in Wels. About € 2 million were invested in new production equipment, but also in an elaborate logistics concept which became necessary due to the sharp increase in in-house material flows. “In recent years, the Wire Rope Division has developed into an important mainstay of our group. One third of the total revenue is being generated with special steel wire ropes for cranes and ropeways”, says Florian Teufelberger, CEO of the TEUFELBERGER Group, who is delighted about the agreement with Kässbohrer. The expansion of the manufacturing facilities will help TEUFELBERGER to further strengthen its manufacturing base in Wels.

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