Test your Rigging Knowledge

As you may be aware, ASME B30.9 (Slings) and ASME B30.26 (Rigging Hardware) require that the users of slings and rigging hardware be trained. And now we have the OSHA Subpart CC-Crane and Derrick in Construction standard 1926.1400 that requires a “Qualified Rigger” in several applications. Here are a few rigging questions to test your knowledge.

1. Which ASME standard addresses personnel lifting systems?

a. ASME B30.9

b. ASME B30.10

c. ASME B30.23

d. ASME B30.26


2. Which of the following rigging blocks is included in ASME B30.26?

a. Mobile and Bridge Crane Blocks

b. Detachable rigging blocks for lifting purposes only

c. Detachable rigging blocks for load handling activities

d. Fixed rigging blocks for load handling activities



3. ASME B30.10 (2009) requires manufacturer’s identification and rated load identification to be forged, cast or die stamped on the hook?

a. True

b. False



4. The minimum horizontal sling angle at the load when using a hook at the top of the rigging triangle to collect the slings would be? (Assumes COG in the middle)

a. 45 Degrees

b. 90 Degrees

c. 120 Degrees

d. None of the above


5. If the application required a two leg wire rope sling assembly with Crosby sorting hooks (wLL of 2 tons per hook) at the connection points on the load, working at 30 degree horizontal sling angles, what could the maximum weight to be lifted be?

a. 1 ton

b. 2 tons

c. 3.5 tons

d. 4 tons


6. OSHA 1926.1400 requires a “Qualified” rigger when?

a. Anytime a load is lifted on a construction job site

b. During the assembly and disassembly of cranes

c. When employees are engaged in hooking, unhooking or guiding the load and are within the fall zone

d. Any time load exceeds 2,000 pounds

(See OSHA Standard for full information.)


ANSWER KEY: 1. C, 2. C, 3. A, 4. A, 5. B, 6. B & C


Article contributed by Danny Bishop

Danny Bishop is the Director of Training and Industry User Education for The Crosby Group. Danny has worked for The Crosby Group since 1981 and has held several positions in Manufacturing, Special Engineered Products, Sales and Training.


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