Terramac RT9 Customized with Digger Derrick for Utility Applications

Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber track crawler carriers, is well-known for its versatile RT9 and new RT14 units that accommodate a wide variety of support equipment. The company released its latest customization at ICUEE, which included the installation of a digger derrick on its respected RT9 model.

Digger derricks are one of the most used and versatile tools in the utility industry. In order to tackle a myriad of tasks that include digging holes, lifting/setting poles, turning screw anchors and setting transformers, the vehicle a digger derrick is mounted on must be just as adaptable as the attachment itself. The new Terramac RT9 with digger derrick specialty unit is an all-terrain vehicle that takes versatility on utility jobsites to a new level.

The greatest feature that sets the RT9 apart from other utility vehicles is its rubber tracks. As opposed to wheels, the RT9’s rubber tracks make it ideal for utility jobs that require digging and setting poles in remote, hard-to-reach locations. Terramac‘s rubber track technology allows the RT9 to easily operate on loose and wet ground conditions and its low ground pressure provides the additional traction needed to climb over steep terrains. Additionally, the RT9 is the largest mid-size rubber track carrier that does not require special oversize permitting, making transportation of the machine hassle-free.

From digging to lifting, the RT9 with digger derrick is designed to do it all. The machine’s 230-hp Cummins QSB 6.7 diesel engine and 2-speed hydrostatic transmission provide the digger derrick enough power to dig through tough material, while its advanced hydraulic system delivers improved efficiency and control. For added safety, the CE-certified RT9 comes standard with rollover protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS), and a tilt hood for engine access and dog house for fluid/filter checks provides easy maintenance. When fitted with a Terex Commander 4045 and boom tip winch, the RT9 boasts a sheave height of 26.8-ft to 44.8-ft, maximum capacity of 22,250-lbs with a 10-ft capacity of 10,900-lbs, allowing it to lift and set without repositioning the vehicle. In addition to boom tip configurations, the RT9 also accommodates multiple sized augers for different jobsite applications as well as outriggers for extra stabilization.

“The RT9 and digger derrick combo is a great addition to the utility industry because it can adapt to the environment of any jobsite,” says Andrew Konopka, President of Terramac. “Its ability to effortlessly maneuver through the toughest terrain, reach the most remote jobsites and dig, lift and set on any ground condition makes it a unique customization.”

The design of the digger derrick and operator controls from Terex fitted on the RT9 also provide enhanced capabilities on the jobsite. The T-handle control delivers more finesse for both digger and boom operations, as well as allows for the performance of multiple functions, such as simultaneous boom and lift extension. The lighter weight of the Terex digger derrick provides more payload and the trapezoidal design of the two lift cylinders provide additional pick weight. Side-to-side strength is enhanced due to the balanced build of the Terex digger derrick and a 360 degree swivel feature offers easy maneuverability.

Terramac® LLC, based in Elburn, IL, was established to produce the world’s leading crawler carrier models. Units are sold through a dealer network which offers customers easy-to-locate parts and service throughout the world. The units can be customized with support equipment to serve many industries such as pipeline, utility, mining, environmental, general construction and more. To learn more, please visit www.terramac.com or call 630-365-4800.

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