Terramac Launches New RT14 Rubber Track Crawler Carrier

Terramac, a leading manufacturer of innovative rubber track crawler carriers, is pleased to introduce its newest model, the RT14 which joins the popular RT9 model. The new RT14 unit was recently unveiled at ICUEE as the company’s largest machine. It is well-equipped to provide operators with superior performance and versatility as well as maximum efficiency and easy maintenance.

Manufactured in North America, the RT14 is made entirely of premium components. This unit is built with American ¼-in steel for superior durability as well as Eaton pumps to deliver unmatched functionality. A Parker IQAN-MD4 master display control system allows for full graphical, diagnostic and controller area network (CAN) gateway capability and an upgraded multi-function joystick with dump controls provides user-friendly operation.

The robust RT14 offers more torque and power than other crawler carriers in its class. The new unit is powered by a 280-hp QSC 8.3 Cummins engine, allowing it to tackle a wide-range of pipeline, utility, mining, oil and gas applications with ease. The RT14 will be a great addition specifically to the pipeline industry for its ability to haul mats to remote jobsites. Boasting a maximum carrying capacity of 28,000-lbs and travel speeds up to 6-mph, the RT14 ensures quick cycle times to keep productivity levels on point, regardless of the application.

In addition to power and efficiency, the RT14 showcases Terramac’s rubber track technology. This model’s fully-loaded ground pressure is a minimal 7.5-psi, making it ideal for loose and wet ground conditions where heavy, wheeled machines are likely to get stuck. The flotation from the rubber tracks of the RT14 not only allows the machine to work in adverse ground and weather conditions, but also allows for faster climbing on mountainous and hilly terrains with reduced slippage.

“The RT14 can carry 55% more weight than our RT9 model,” says Andrew Konopka, President of Terramac. “With the RT14, contractors are able to effortlessly transport a much heavier amount of materials and supplies to the jobsite while continuing to exert a very low ground pressure. The larger RT14 crawler carrier is especially useful for jobsites that are located in remote areas where wheeled machines cannot get to.”

Designed to provide an unprecedented degree of customization, the RT14 features easy front and rear bolt-on attachments that enable the mounting of an array of specialized equipment, such as: bark blowers, cranes, drills, generators and tanks. Standard units are available with either a flat bed or rock dump bed. Due to its larger size, the RT14 is also able to accommodate taller lifting devices including digger derricks and man lifts. Furthermore, the standard hydraulic system incorporated into the RT14 is set up to accommodate attachments requiring hydraulics, whereas competing models require a hydraulic conversion to take place.

When it comes to safety, comfort and maintenance, the RT14 is second to none. The CE-certified RT14 offers both open- and closed-cab options, while rollover protective structure (ROPS) and falling object protective structure (FOPS) come standard. Ergonomically designed with upgraded features, the RT14 offers a wide access door that allows ease of entry and exit, windows on all sides, a large mirror to provide increased visibility, and the Parker IQAN-MD4 control system to accommodate up to four cameras for added safety. A USB port as well as improved grab handles, AC controls and a quick-release grate button provide added convenience. Additionally, a tilt hood for engine access and a dog house for fluid/filter checks makes maintenance on the RT14 quick and easy.

Terramac is committed to providing the best full service and parts availability in the industry. Terramac customers enjoy access to greater parts availability as well as timely and accurate delivery through Terramac’s full-line dealer network, dedicated support team, and convenient online ordering system.

Terramac® LLC, based in Elburn, IL, was established to produce the world’s leading crawler carrier models. Units are sold through a dealer network which offers customers easy-to-locate parts and service throughout the world. The units can be customized with support equipment to serve many industries such as pipeline, utility, mining, environmental, general construction and more. To learn more, please visit www.terramac.com or call 630-365-4800.

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