Terex Unveils New Nine-Axle AT at Bauma

The new AC 1000 all-terrain crane from Terex, Zweibrucken, Germany, touted by the manufacturer as the world’s most powerful roadable boom-on AT, will be on exhibit at Bauma in April. Designed for “super-size” construction, wind turbine and high-rise building applications, the crane remains remarkably compact and versatile for a crane in the 1300-ton class. The 1320-ton AC 1000’s customer-oriented design means it can be driven on the road, with its 164-foot main boom, to almost any job site in the world, and, once there, have the fastest set-up time in its class, according to Terex. Built for cost-effective operation, the AT offers a choice of a 164- or 328-foot main boom, equipped with patented open head and sheaves, to simplify the installation of the additional boom section.  Optional “Sideways SuperLift” (SSL) technology increases hoisting capacity for a wide range of applications with a telescopic boom.

A wide choice of extensions and attachments are available, all designed to fit on standard truck trailer combinations, eliminating the cost and time of tedious permits and special vehicles. A variable steering system with active, speed-dependent, electronically-controlled rear-axle steering provides excellent maneuverability and directional stability for optimum performance over all terrains and road types.

The AT’s patented luffing jib rigging system minimizes the requirements for working at height, and its counterweight frame offers an excellent access system for safely working at height. The XL counterweight adapter, available as an option, improves the efficiency of counterweight transportation due to a reduction of the required counterweight at a larger tail swing radius. The counterweights are also compatible, in size and shape with other models in the Terex crane range.

Valuable time is saved in assembly and mobility on the job site, even without de-rigging, because the AC 1000 is the only nine-axle crane that can be equipped with 445/ 95R25 (16.00R25) tires, which allow a higher total movable weight, according to Terex. The AT becomes operational rapidly, and is ready to move on to the next job in less time. It has the power to perform a wide variety of jobs with thousands of possible configurations and in the most extreme conditions.

The crane cab is equipped with an integrated IC-1 touch-screen control system, currently available in 14 different languages. The design provides easy access to valuable information on wind speed/direction, hook load, nominal load capacity, reach, boom length, as well as calculated and actual outrigger loads, at the touch of a finger.

The integrated working range limiter means that turning radius, height/radius limits and “virtual walls” can be adjusted to help prevent collisions during critical operations. Capable of trouble-shooting and analyzing information, the IC-1 control system also reduces downtime by assisting maintenance staff in diagnosing and addressing malfunctions rapidly. Comfort and use are further enhanced by a rear-view camera and rear-drive radar control. Floodlights on strategic positions on the crane offer excellent visibility, as well as an optional monitoring of winch units.

Operating the crane on even the toughest jobs is made easier with ergonomic, air-cushioned seats, panoramic safety glass and fold-out windshield. The entire operator cab can be tilted backwards up to 20°. With air-conditioning and auxiliary heating as standard features, the new cabs provide optimum support to crane operators, so that handling can be carried out comfortably, even in extreme conditions at temperatures ranging from – 4 to up to +104 °F.

Delivering driving speeds of up to 50 mph, the AC 1000  is powered by a choice of tough, industrial engines, built by tried and trusted suppliers. Designed on the powerful single engine principle and equipped with an electronic control system, the AT’s engine provides simultaneous movements under full load without power loss, with optimized fuel consumption. Diesel injection is controlled electronically to account for outside temperature, as well as air flow on the in-take line, to reduce smoke and emissions.  All diesel engines meet the necessary emission regulations.

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