Heavy_Load_HandlingTerex Port Solutions (TPS) announces the introduction of the Terex® Gottwald Model 5 harbor crane, demonstrating its customer-focused innovation strategy to continuously improve and develop solutions to meet customers’ needs. The diesel-electric crane provides a maximum lifting capacity of 125 t in conjunction with an impressive lifting capacity curve, a radius of up to 51 m and hoisting speeds of up to 120 m/min. The Model 5 closes the gap between Models 4 and 6 and, at the same time, rounds off the Medium-Sized Crane Family within TPS. The new machine will be made available as a mobile harbour crane, portal harbor crane on rails and as floating crane on a barge.

The Model 5 cranes are designed to service container vessels with up to 17 rows (post-Panamax). Thanks to the high lifting capacity of up to 125 t, they will also be able to handle heavy project cargo – a growing demand among cargo handlers and a key field of application for all the cranes offered by Terex Port Solutions.

As with all the other Terex Gottwald cranes, Model 5 is equipped with the technical and ergonomic functions and features required to improve productivity, environmental compatibility and facilitate operation to boost economical and sustainable cargo handling in ports and terminals. In the case of this new two-rope crane, operators can choose between the G HMK 5406 variant (full lifting capacity of 100 t up to a radius of 24 m) and the G HMK 5506 variant (full capacity of 125 t up to 18 m).

Model 5 is designed to meet the needs of the customer

“Our Model 5 is aimed at terminal operators in need of a high-performance crane equipped with the essential capabilities for standard requirements in terms of terminal infrastructure, annual hours worked and maintenance, at an especially attractive price-performance ratio. The new crane unites the functional, compact design of the Medium-Sized Crane Family with the operational capabilities customers appreciate so much about the Large Crane Family, which caters for top-of-the-range handling applications,” said Giuseppe Di Lisa, Vice President Sales & Service at Terex Port Solutions.

Model 5 – tough technology

As with all harbour cranes made by Terex Port Solutions, Model 5 has the standard Terex Gottwald chassis with the H propping arrangement (propping base 13 m x 12.5 m), large wheels, automated propping system and six individually steerable axles allowing crab steering and tight turns for excellent manoeuvrability and rapid positioning alongside the vessel. As well as the conventional mobile harbour crane, Model 5 will also be available as a portal harbour crane with a portal designed to customers’ specifications (track gauge, clear height and rail loadings), as a floating crane on a barge and also as a stationary pedestal crane, to cater to all terminal structures.

The Model 5 machinery house is partly enclosed. The low-emission diesel-powered generator and control equipment are protected against the elements in preconfigured containers which are also soundproofed and air conditioned. Other machinery systems are housed below the rigid tower, which itself is a semi-enclosed box-girder construction. The crane driver has access to the air-conditioned, ergonomically designed tower cab via the wide, weatherproof, easily mountable staircase inside the tower. The boom attached to the tower follows the proven Terex Gottwald design of torsionally stiff lattice construction with a good stress concentration factor, allowing a high degree of operating safety.

Model 5 uses proven three-phase electrical systems

Model 5 also makes full use of proven, low-maintenance three-phase electrical system technology. Terex Port Solutions continues to develop its electrical drive technology and, wherever practical from a technical and economic point of view, consistently applies three-phase electrical systems. Three-phase electrical systems simplify the implementation of energy-saving technologies including hybrid drives, which are available for use throughout the entire range of harbor cranes, as is additional equipment to enable external power feeds from the terminal’s electricity supply. “The development activities relating to drive technology are aimed at providing customers with the benefits of technological progress as soon as it is marketable, which improves efficiency and, as a result, reduces the consumption of primary energy wherever possible. By doing so, we make it possible for operators to maintain competitive operating costs while meeting environmental requirements, for example when it comes to applying for terminal concessions,” explains Di Lisa.

Model 5 – first machines to bear Terex Gottwald brand and new standard livery

Model 5 is the first of the Terex Gottwald harbor cranes launched onto the market to sport the familiar standard Terex white and grey which can be found on quality, dependable Terex cranes and construction equipment across the globe. As well as the new livery, the crane will bear the Terex Gottwald logo, which will introduce the brand to ports and terminals worldwide. “While our standard colors will be changing, our quality and commitment to customers will not,” emphasizes Di Lisa, “and of course we will continue to provide the cranes in a customer’s Corporate Design if so desired.”

The three Terex Gottwald crane families

Terex Port Solutions has been introducing its Generation 5 harbor cranes to the market since 2006 as the Small, Medium-Sized and Large Crane Families. Recently, in mid-2012, TPS introduced its Model 2 harbor crane in the Small Crane Family, including its new crane type, the rubber-tyred portal harbor crane. The Medium-Sized Crane Family includes the two 100 t cranes, Model 3 and Model 4 and the new 125 t Model 5. The machines in the Medium-Sized Crane Family are designed to be compact and are aimed at operators with standard requirements. A key point about Model 5 cranes is that they combine the design features of the Medium-Sized Crane Family with the operational capability of Model 6, which is the entry model in the Large Crane Family. Model 6, which is also available as a four-rope grab variant, is making ever greater inroads in the continuous-duty applications previously assigned to custom-built single-purpose machinery. TPS is consistently orientated towards the requirements of the market and takes its cue from exchanging ideas with customers. The steady increase in lifting capacities and working speeds and the development of green and other “smart” crane technologies are a direct result of this collaborative approach.

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