Terex Port Solutions recently supplied its 1500th Terex® Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane, a G HMK 6407 B, Model 6 four-rope grab variant, to its long-term customer SEA-invest who already has more than 30 cranes in their fleet from the manufacturers Düsseldorf facility before this order. This four-rope grab crane is also the 289th of its kind sold and will be deployed at Antwerp Bulk Terminal (ABT), where it will be handling lead and zinc concentrates.

As well as numerous other features designed to aid in working with bulk materials, this is also the first factory-equipped Mobile Harbour Crane and in full commercial operation with the completely new, verified weighing system – demonstrating Terex Port Solutions’ focus on innovation. This system enables the crane operator to record and invoice the volumes of valuable bulk materials handled aligned with good commercial practice.

Celebrations for the 1500th Terex Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane

The celebration crane is a diesel-electric, Generation 5, Model 6 Harbour Crane from Terex Port Solutions’ Large Crane Family, which includes Models 6, 7 and 8. Cranes in the Large Crane Family provide long service lifetimes due to their high classification and high working speeds coupled with impressive handling rates for all types of cargo. They are often the preferred choice due to their short delivery lead-times and the low specific investment costs, which make them an economical alternative to purpose-built handling machines and are, as a result, in great demand by almost all leading bulk-terminal operators the world over.

Model 6, in particular, with some 200 machines sold since its launch in 2006, has developed into a flagship and best-seller for the Generation 5 cranes – the four-rope grab variant alone, the G HMK 6407 B with its 40 t grab curve and A8 classification, being one of the most popular.

ABT’s Mobile Harbour Crane features the first verified weighing device in commercial use – a Terex Gottwald smart crane feature

As well as developing new crane types, such as the Floating Crane or rail-mounted or rubber-tyred portal cranes based on its Mobile Harbour Crane technology, Terex Port Solutions also dedicates R&D activities to provide customers with high-efficiency, resource-friendly drive systems and smart crane features. The objective of such enhancements is to help increase productivity for the operator by providing a crane that is ergonomic, efficient and safe to operate while helping customers to increase profitability in cargo-handling.

The new weighing system is superior to existing alternative systems because it is integrated within the systems of the crane, eliminating the need for ancillary weighing equipment. This is a crucial benefit in transshipment, especially when using Floating Cranes. “A ground-breaking smart crane feature like the weighing system has long been called for by the market,” said Di Lisa and continued: “Once again, we are leading the pack and are currently the only manufacturer of Mobile Harbour Cranes to implement fast weighing processes without ancillary equipment during the move, which is just one of the many advantages offered to customers – as the 1500th Terex Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane clearly demonstrates.”

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