Terex Port Solutions Builds the Largest Mobile Harbour Crane in the World

Terex Harbour CraneTerex Port Solutions received an order from its long-standing customer Operadora de la Cuenca del Pacifico (OCUPA) for a Terex® Gottwald Model 8 Mobile Harbour Crane in the G HMK 8410 variant. This Mobile Harbour Crane will be the largest of its type ever built in the world. Starting from September 2013, it will load and unload vessels with a capacity of up to 8,800 TEUs and nine-high container stacks on deck. The operating site of the crane will be the Port of Manzanillo on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

Andreas Moeller, Sales Director at Terex Port Solutions in Düsseldorf, comments on the order: “The Terex Gottwald G HMK 8410 for OCUPA is a special variant of our largest crane model and was designed with a special geometry required for handling containers on such large vessels, taking into consideration boom length, boom pivot point and viewing height for the crane operator. As a result, the crane is an excellent example of our modular design that allows us to select the right solution to satisfy the needs of our customers and their application requirements while accounting for changing conditions.”

Carlos Olivar Perez, Director at OCUPA, explains: “After having very successfully operated three Terex Gottwald cranes, we are shortly expecting delivery of a new Mobile Harbour Crane to our terminal. We were also impressed by the design of the G HMK 8410 that we have now ordered from Terex Port Solutions. With the acquisition of the largest Mobile Harbour Crane in the world, we are staying abreast of changing handling requirements arising because our customers are sending ever larger container vessels into our terminal. We are delighted that, in Terex Port Solutions, we have found a provider of port services who addresses the special challenges facing a container handling crane for vessels with 19 container rows and provides ideal technical solutions, also with respect to delivery times.”

Largest Mobile Harbour Crane of all time

In 1956, Terex Port Solutions launched its first Mobile Harbour Crane and since then, they have become firmly established in the world’s ports and have opened up new fields of application by increasing lifting capacities, working speeds and handling rates. Today they are used for handling all types of cargo and also increasingly for container handling on large vessels, as in the most recent example at OCUPA.

Just like all Terex Gottwald Mobile Harbour Cranes, the Model 8 is also available in many variants to meet individual customer requirements. The variant based on the requirements of OCUPA features a boom pivot point at a height of more than 34 m and a viewing height of almost 38 m. With this variant, which also boasts an efficient diesel-electric drive technology, uses proven 100-tonne hoist and a ten-axle chassis, the Terex Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane is advancing into new dimensions and can be highly preferred amongst terminal operators.

“With such large Mobile Harbour Cranes and Ship-to-Shore Cranes within our extensive product portfolio, we are now superbly equipped to meet the demands of all terminal types, sizes and handling philosophies of our customers throughout the world”, Moeller explains.

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