Telecommunications Leader Orders Straightpoint Load Cells

A major multinational telecommunications company has purchased two 2.5t capacity Radiolink Plus load cells from UK-based manufacturer Straightpoint, giving the customer the safety advantage of receiving load information on a handheld device at a safe distance.

The force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell provider received the order following a successful trial with the units at a radio transmitter in the UK’s midlands earlier this year.

The telecommunications company uses load cells to ascertain the weight of items such as aerial mounts and antenna’s before installation or recovery. Product trials and demonstrations play a significant role in the sales process.

Stephen Woodhead, Straightpoint’s UK sales manager, said: “Load cells are used during rigging of dishes and antennae on communication towers. This application is not carried out that frequently due to the lifespan of the equipment but we are focussed on encouraging users to adopt the enhanced technology. Presenting the safety advantage of monitoring load activity from a safe distance will drive this increased uptake.”

The load cells were sold by Straightpoint distributor P&P Limited, a manufacturer of working at height equipment. John Baston, technical support manager at P&P, said: “Before the telecommunications firm used Radiolink Plus load cells, they had no idea of any change to loadings during operations. Once they had seen the RLP in use it was a very easy sell from a practical and safety aspect. They previously had equipment with the display on the actual unit so it was difficult to read the load from a distance, especially on equipment 30m in suspension.”

Baston added: “Being able to monitor the load at all times from a safe distance is a significant advantage from a health and safety prospective. Another advantage is in the training environment where, with a Radiolink Plus load cell connected to the load, the trainer can demonstrate the influence such activity as pulling out lines can have on the actual weight.”

Straightpoint has recently remodelled its popular Radiolink Plus load cell. The company’s best selling product by some distance now features improved ingress protection to IP67, increased battery life to 1,200 hours and reverse polarity circuitry to protect the load cell should the batteries be inserted incorrectly.

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