Tele Radio Panther Controls for Two Ontario Facilities

Ontario, Canada-based Toronto Electric (TE) has installed Panther radio remote controls from Tele Radio on electric overhead traveling (EOT) crane systems at two facilities in its home state recently.

TE, a material handling and electric motor company, offers the full range of Tele Radio remote controls, including the Panther product line, that offers up to 500m (1,500 ft.) range and is certified under EN ISO 13849-1, Functional Safety of Machinery, as CAT3, PLd.

Panther operates in the 2.4GHz frequency using 802.15.4 communication with direct sequence spread spectrum (DSSS), allowing for interference-free operation of up to 12 systems in the same frequency channel. With 16 field programmable channels, users may operate hundreds of Panther systems at the same time, in the same area, without having to worry about frequency interference.

The primary benefit of the Panther line is safety; transmitters send repeated ‘stay-alive pulses’ to the receiver, prompting the safety relay(s) to drop if the receiver loses ‘sight’ of the transmitter’s ping (out of range, dead battery, broken transmitter, etc.).

As TE regularly proves, the Panther system can be adapted to virtually all standard EOT crane applications. Panther is extremely versatile, accommodating up to 95% of all common overhead crane and hoisting applications (single and dual hoist cranes, tandem cranes, with up to four cranes with a single transmitter). For more difficult control solutions, Tele Radio offers the SIL3 PLe-certified Tiger product line, enabling endless custom configurations meeting the most complex control demands.

At Scarboro Steel Works Inc., a steel fabrication facility, two new remote-controlled TE cranes have been installed in an outdoor area, while two existing cranes were recently retrofitted with the same control systems. All are 60 ft. (approx. 18m) span and boast Panther radio remote controls, and Stahl SH Series wire rope hoists.

At CPC Pumps International, a manufacturer of heavy-duty industrial pumps, meanwhile, TE has installed more than 25 cranes over a 10-year period, all of which are 35 ft. (approx. 10.5m) span and also boast Stahl SH Series wire rope hoists. In each instance, Panther controls are a cornerstone of ongoing efficiency and safety at the site.

Ara Hagopian, general manager at TE, said: “Put simply, we like the quality, durability and price point of the Tele Radio Panther system, and we’re always happy to pass it onto our customers. The biggest advantage about this product is that it is very reliable, easy to program and we can complete most of that programming during service from the floor without having to go up to the receiver mounted on the crane.”

He recalled the history of his company’s association with Tele Radio: “In early 2000, radio controls for overhead cranes were becoming popular and looked to be the future of our industry, so I was on the lookout for a manufacturer that we could represent. I attended a trade show and met Miguel Tellez, managing director at Tele Radio America LLC, who took the time to explain to me everything I needed to know about the product line. I was convinced this would be the range for us. Miguel later visited us and the rest is history. We are extremely happy with the product line, customer service and, above all, the support they provide when we need it from Miami, Florida.”

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