Tele Radio Opens in Brazil, Names Managing Director

Remote control manufacturer Tele Radio has opened a new facility in São Paulo, Brazil in response to ongoing demand from the region.

Tele Radio Brazil will become one of 16 global operations but, as a subsidiary of the U.S. company, it is the first to serve as a branch of a regional operation. The new site will be located in Itupeva, São Paulo strategically positioned close to Viracopos / Campinas International Airport and major transport networks.

The company has named Laercio Neves (pictured below, at right) managing director of the operation. He brings 18 years of experience in sales management to the role, working for multinational companies that operate in Brazil. Neves speaks Portuguese, English and Spanish, and already boasts a thorough knowledge of industrial automation and remote control systems. An electronic engineer, he has a degree in maintenance management and an MBA in business management.

Neves, who will be joined by sales, technical support and administration staff in due course, said: “I am very excited to be part of the Tele Radio family and I believe the Brazil operation will soon become the chosen provider of radio remote control systems in the country, due to the extremely robust and safe product portfolio, which is backed by outstanding local support.”

Miguel Tellez, managing director at Tele Radio America LLC, said: “We have been active in Brazil for over a decade now, both through distributors buying from the U.S. and in terms of customers buying machinery in other countries and incorporating our radio controls. However, as demand continues to grow and Brazil looks set to be a hotbed of activity in the long term, it’s important to take our presence to the next level and provide the region with a greater volume of local product and support.”

Tele Radio Brazil will offer the full range of radio remote controls, including the Panther system, which is popular with electric overhead traveling (EOT) cranes and other industrial applications. The primary benefit of the Panther line is safety; in accordance with Cat3-Pld standard, transmitters send repeated ‘stay-alive pulses’ to the receiver, prompting the safety relay(s) to drop if the receiver loses ‘sight’ of the transmitter’s ping (out of range, dead battery, broken transmitter, etc.).

Neves added: “Overhead cranes is a niche market in which Tele Radio is strong worldwide and while that trend will be replicated here in Brazil, we are keen to present the entire range of equipment as remote control solutions for mining, mobile, construction, industrial, and other applications. We are now in a position to put the range closer to the point of use than ever before.”

Tele Radio U.S. will provide technical and sales support as the Brazil entity establishes itself in the market.

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