Talurit Group Launches Innovative Automatic Annealing Machine

Talurit Group expands its fuse and tapering machine offering further by introducing an innovative automatic model that deliver unmatched efficiency and capacity coupled with great cutting results and the highest level of safety. The new model named LKA 14 AM handles wire ropes from 4 to 14 mm in diameter. Being fully automatic it is perfect for large volumes and serial production – reducing labour and giving a higher return on investment.

For centuries, Talurit Group have developed and manufactured equipment and systems for mechanical splicing of wire and wire rope. Their latest addition to their broad range of wire rope cutting machines is a unique and fully automatic annealing machine. The model named LKA 14 AM features an innovative design that optimizes performance and efficiency. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art robotic annealing unit that fuse, twists and pulls the wire rope to create a tapered finish with fused ends that keep the wire rope lays intact. With many individual parameters and settings, the operator can easily tailor the annealing process to perfection depending on the wire rope dimension and properties. Each cut is made with high precision, resulting in uniform ends for entire batches. The built-in electronic measuring unit has an accuracy of ± 1 % and the control system is based on a PLC with a 10” touchscreen. Thanks to the clear menu system and distinct interface, the operator can easily access settings and monitor the process.  

The LKA 14 AM combines proven technologies with modern advances in order to address challenges faced by customers such as improvement of safety and productivity and the reduction of life-cycle costs. Its rigid framework, premium build quality and top-tier components assure a long lifespan even in tougher industrial settings. Like all Talurit® branded machines, it is developed and manufactured in Sweden and sold by Talurit Group and its distributors. One of the many advantages of the LKA 14 AM is its flexibility, both in the many complex wire ropes it handles and that it can be integrated into a system solution. At standard order, the machine can be fitted with field-proven options such as an uncoiling unit, coiling unit, and spout. Additional add-on solutions and integrations can be customized in order to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Victor Lindh, Vice President at Talurit Group, comments: “The launch of this new product marks yet another important milestone for us as we continue to lead innovations forward in our field. Having sold several units already, prior to this announcement, shows not only that the LKA 14 AM lives up to its grand expectations but that there is a large demand. Highly competitive pricing is made possible thanks to the experience and expertise of our eminent engineering and manufacturing teams.”

Ida Wikman, Design Engineer at Talurit Group, comments: “Even though LKA 14 AM uses a lot of complex movements to measure and anneal wire ropes, we have made it really simple to use. The operator friendly interface makes it easy to customize the tapering of the end for your exact needs. Once you have found a shape that suits your application, the machine will automatically replicate the results on as many wire rope lengths as you need.“

Victor Lindh, Vice President at Talurit Group, adds: “With optimized efficiency and precision in combination with full automation, the LKA 14 AM is perfect for large-scale production where the application requires a fused end. Labour intense workflows can be replaced while increasing profitability. And thanks to its versatility and ability to handle complex wire ropes, additional application potential becomes possible.”

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