Talurit AB Launches a Revolutionary Fold Back Ferrule

T-LOC before and after swaging. Patent Application no. PCT/SE2010/000142 and protected worldwide.

Talurit AB recently developed a new type of fold back ferrule, the patent pending T-LOCTM steel reinforcement. The ferrule is unique on the market today and has received a lot of interest from customers all over the world.

“We pride ourselves on constantly improving and adding to our large range of ferrules and fittings. By combining more than 60 years of practical experience with the latest technology, our engineers can quickly provide the market with new innovations,” says Thommy Andersson, CEO of Talurit AB.

The T-LOCTM offers efficiency, as well as safety when using the more and more common wire ropes of grade 2160.

Made from carbon steel, the T-LOCTM ferrule reinforces the standard aluminum T-ferrule termination. When using a high tensile wire rope of grade 2160 together with a heavy-duty thimble, the T-LOCTM prevents the aluminum ferrule from splitting.  T-LOC TM is swaged together with the aluminum ferrule. Greater strength is achieved with the same time and effort.

The T-LOCTM system is easy and safe to use, tested with rotation resistant wire ropes in class 35(W) x 7 and has been validated according to EN 13411-3. The tested constructions are 34(W) x K7-WSC, fill factor: 0,74-0,75.  T-LOCTM is compatible with your standard die sets for T-ferrule swaging.

Andersson goes on to say, “We are pleased with the attention the T-LOCTM ferrule has received so far, and we look forward to providing this new solution to customers worldwide.”

For more information on T-LOC contact Talurit’s North American distributor Chant Engineering: www.chantengineering.com, or visit Talurit’s website: www.talurit.com.

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