Talurit AB Delivers the Largest Serial Made Hydraulic Swager for the Rigging Industry

A milestone in the company history. The first 4200 ton swager is on its way to Japan.

Talurit AB has been manufacturing swagers since the 1950s. Their newest swager, with a swaging capacity of 4200 ton, is the largest swager that has been manufactured by the company and is also the largest serial made swager within the wire rope industry.

The 4200 ton swager is the first one in a series of three machines that is going to be delivered by Talurit AB during 2015 and 2016. The first one was delivered two weeks ago and is on its way to Kakogawa in Japan. The swager is developed for making a mechanical splicing of an eye on a wire rope that can have a diameter up to 152 mm. The wire rope that is swaged in these sizes is often used in the offshore industry, when securing oil platforms.

Bernhard Rohland founded Talurit AB in 1948 and is built around patented solutions to make an eye on a steel wire rope. 

Talurit AB has had a steady growth over the years and has created a very strong brand in the industry. The company develops solutions for mechanical splicing of wire ropes. The method is based on a ferrule being swaged on to a wire rope. The most common way to do it is the forming of an eye on a wire rope and then swage on a ferrule made of either aluminium, copper, carbon steel or stainless steel.

The company currently has approximately 85 employees worldwide. There are subsidiaries in Germany, UK, China and Singapore. The main pro- duction of machines and tools is done in Gothen- burg, Sweden, and approximately 95% of produc- tion is exported.

Talurit AB delivers to approximately 100 countries around the world each year. With models from 20 tons of press capacity to our largest swager with 4200 ton capacity, we now have the most extensive product range within the industry.

Please visit www.talurit.com for more information.

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