Tadano Unveils Their Largest Rough Terrain Crane

TADANO GR_1600XL_2TADANO AMERICA Corporation, Houston, TX, recently announced the launch of the GR-1600XL-2, their largest rough terrain crane. The new crane boasts 160 US ton (145 metric ton) capacities, and features a newly designed 200 ft (61m) 6-section rounded boom, providing a maximum 201 ft lifting height, and185 ft load radius, powered by a single telescopic cylinder. Extra reach is provided by a 2-stage, bi-fold lattice tilt type jib, which extends tip height to 257 ft and a load radius to 200 ft.

Listening to customer requirements, Tadano introduces the highest lifting capacity rough terrain crane, utilizing Tadano’s first compact 3-axle carrier. The new 3-axle carrier has improved maneuverability to navigate confined job sites with 6x4x6 drive, plus 4 steering modes, and a turning radius of 32’ 6” (9.9m), with 6-wheel steer. For ease of transport, the self-removable counterweight and outriggers require no assist crane. In addition, the cab tilt system design improves operator visibility for high-reaching operations. This machine has everything you’d expect from Tadano including; eco-friendly and fuel saving functions, the highest standard of safety, and efficient operating systems.

Like its XL-2 series predecessors, the GR-1600XL-2 comes standard with several features highlighted below:

  • HELLO-NET, used to monitor crane activity straight from your computer or mobile device.
  • Two state-of-the-art devices, the eco-mode and positive control systems that reduce fuel consumption while the crane is being operated or on standby.
  • The fuel monitoring system designed to minimize environmental impact and reduce CO2 emissions.
  • The automatic moment limiter (AML-C) displays important information and allows the operator to preset a custom working environment. The operator can preset the load radius, boom angle, tip height, and swing range, enabling safe and seamless lifting operations.
  • Tadano’s exclusive asymmetrical, multi-position outrigger setups for maximum utilization of crane lifting capacities when operating in confined areas. This is provided by the AML-C that detects outrigger extension length and boom position as well as the important “soft stop” function that brings the motion of the crane to a slow stop automatically before it reaches the limits of allowed capacity.

In the North and South American markets, Tadano’s energy and mining sector customers require mobile cranes that have larger lifting capacities and longer boom lengths. This is primarily stemming from the complex and growing refinery jobsites. With these jobsites in mind, especially the energy sector, the need for a crane that can work smoothly while maneuvering through tight spaces is essential. Additionally, Tadano’s customers request and expect high quality, durable products as well as being conscience of environmental issues related to machine operations.

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