Straightpoint Welcomes New York’s Electromatic as Distributor

Straightpoint has named Electromatic Equipment Co. Inc. a distributor of its force measurement, load monitoring and suspended weighing load cell equipment to the New York company’s diverse customer base.

The partnership serves to complement Electromatic’s existing range of precision measuring instruments, which includes its own Checkline series of products, while contributing to Straightpoint’s ongoing expansion in North America, a region that managing director David Ayling has slated for significant growth.

Ayling said: “Integral to achieving our goals is an effective distributor network and Electromatic are perfectly placed to redouble our efforts to grow in the regions and markets they represent. Every distributor partnership is different and in this case the breadth of our range is an appeal to a supplier that already carries an extensive portfolio of equipment, as our specialist equipment can provide measurement solutions that are not readily available elsewhere.”

Brett Linzer, chief technology officer, Electromatic Equipment, said: “Andrew Kaner [president] and I have noted the attention to detail in the Straightpoint product range. Some industrial products have the finish of a prototype, but Straighpoint products have the fit and finish of high-end consumer electronics—it’s obvious as soon as you open the box. They are intuitive, user friendly and, most importantly, they are dependable, even in the harshest of environments.”

Straightpoint has recently launched ATEX versions of its most popular product, the Radiolink plus wireless load cell, in addition to the wireless Handheld plus, compression cells, shackle cells, load pins and the Running Line Dynamometer (or TIMH).

Linzer anticipates high demand for these products in particular. He said: “Intrinsically safe, ATEX dynamometers to Zone 0, 1 and 2 classification are the first of their kind in this industry. Our customers will also note the TIMH running line tension meter, which is an ideal tool for measuring leader rope tension, while we also expect demand for the Radiolink plus, load shackles, compression load cells and load pins.”

Electromatic has customers in the lifting, shipping, aerospace, construction, military and mining industries, among others. In a recent visit to the Cedarhurst, New York facility, Linzer highlighted Ayling’s ability to apply the benefits of the Straightpoint range to applications in those sectors.

Linzer concluded: “We look forward to being a value-added representative for the Straightpoint brand by assisting users in finding the ideal lifting equipment for their application.”

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