Elebia Autohooks

Elebia, the market leader in automatic hooks is presenting its brand new hook. After the evo5, 10 and 20 comes the turn of the evo2. A much more compact and sophisticated hook able to lift up to 2.5tn, and just like its bigger brothers, it is able to engage and release loads remotely within a failsafe design that makes it physically impossible to drop the load during operations. Since 2009, Elebia has been an industry leader in terms of innovation, automation and safety, introducing unique products such as the eMax, a multiple remote controller able to control up to 24 hooks and giving relevant information (overload, unblance, weight, hook status, and much more). Thanks to its innovative remote hooks and accessories, Elebia is drastically improving productivity and safety of global leader companies such as Rolls-Royce, Space-X, Arcellor-Mittal, Boeing, Airbus, Siemens, Tenaris and many more.

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Hooks 1   Automatic hook EVO 20... 0 Elebia Autohooks
Hooks 1   Automatic hook EVO 10... 0 Elebia Autohooks
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