Cableworks Inc.

Cableworks is a full-line rigging shop located in Putnam, Connecticut and serving New England and the New York marketplace. From the famous Boston "Big Dig" Central Artery reconstruction to foundations for New York's World Trade Center, Cableworks has provided critical lifting gear for many applications. Cableworks has been in business for more than 34 years, and we have expanded to a modern 18,000-square-foot facility designed especially for quick fabrication and testing of every order. The shop floor revolves around several large swaging machines, two proof testers (up to 225,000 lbs.) and equipment for handling reels up to 10,000 lbs.

Type Qty Description Price Lister Zone View
Turnbuckles 152   1" x 18" jaw and jaw... 20.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Miscellaneous 1   50 Ton Carbon 75 Ton... 600.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Links 1   6.4 Ton S265 Weld On... 60.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Links 16   4.2 Ton S265 Weld On... 40.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Links 2   2.5 Ton S265 Weld On... 12.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Links 24   12 Ton S265 Weld On... 70.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
3/4" 500'   3/4" 6x26 Right Lang Lay... .75 Cableworks Inc. CT
Hooks 6 EA   3/8" CM Grade 70 Alloy... 5.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Links 30 EA   1/2" CM Cold Shuts Grade... 1.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Links 133 EA   3/8" CM Cold Shuts Grade... .40 Cableworks Inc. CT
Chains 2 EA   CM Grade 43 Tow Truck... 20.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Chains 305 FT   5/16" Grade 43 High Test... .40 Cableworks Inc. CT
Chains 642 FT   1/4" Grade 43 High Test... .25 Cableworks Inc. CT
Turnbuckles 1,206 EA   1"x12" Galvanized... 12.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Shackles 10 ea   7/8" Galvanized Screw... 3.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Shackles 1,211 EA   1" Logging Shackles Not... 4.00 Cableworks Inc. CT
Shackles 1,850 EA   7/16" Logging Shackle... .50 Cableworks Inc. CT


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