Spider Brings LeBron James Banner Back to Cleveland

Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, recently provided the suspended access solution for the installation of the latest, massive LeBron James banner on the Sherwin- Williams headquarters in Cleveland.

Spider is not a stranger to this particular project. Since the erection of the first LeBron banner in 2005, Spider has worked with Bricklayers Inc. numerous times to both install and dismantle a variety of iconic banners at this site. But this was likely the biggest challenge yet. At 2,600 lbs and 110 ft tall by 210 ft wide, this banner ranks in the top ten for largest wall banners in the United States.

Once again Spider collaborated with Bricklayers Inc. to develop a thorough site plan to ensure proper rigging procedures while maintaining a safe environment for the pedestrians and transit systems below. Spider’s 3 ft, 5 ft and 10 ft swing stage sections were powered by a combination of its reliable workhorse Zmac/1000® and innovative SC1000 traction hoists to provide safe working platforms for Bricklayers Inc.’s installation crew. Spider also provided 5×5 outrigger beams, outrigger beam support frames, tiebacks, wire ropes, rope grabs, and safety lines to complete the powered access solution.

In addition to the equipment, Spider supervised the rigging process, provided Competent Person Training to the installation crew, and remained on-site during the project to ensure this highly-publicized project was a success.

“Spider’s Cleveland team is awesome,” commented Joe Mikols, President/Owner of Bricklayers, Inc. “They are number one in customer support and consistently execute intense industry knowledge. We’ve been working with Spider for a decade now, and they’ve earned our loyalty. Hats off to the crew at Spider for another job well done.”

Time-laspe video footage of this massive banner project can be viewed at http://youtu.be/IQCvOqrnwUU.

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