Slingmax Gathers Manufacturing Dealers from Around the World for 26th Annual Conference

A record number of attendees from across the United States and eight countries gathered in Philadelphia, PA on October 1st through the 3rd for the 26th Annual Slingmax® Dealer Conference.  In addition to North America, Slingmax® had representation from their manufacturing dealers in the following countries:  Japan, Australia, Singapore, Peru, China, Norway and Italy.

The conference meeting was held at the historic American Philosophical Society – Benjamin Franklin Hall.  Slingmax® CEO Scott St. Germain and Slingmax® President Jeffery H. Susman stood on the same stage where Philadelphia icons Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington once stood.

Author, Venture Capitalist and Entrepreneur Josh Linkner gave the final presentation of the day.  Josh is best known for his portfolio of successful startup companies such as the marketing and promotions giant ePrize.  He is also the author of two bestselling books: Disciplined Dreaming and The Road to Reinvention.  Linkner gave an inspiring presentation on how to reinvent oneself and think outside the box to create innovative products and organizations in a fast paced world.  Other presentations included technical and engineering updates, as well as sales and marketing initiatives.

A delicious dinner was served after the meeting; Slingmax® reserved the entire restaurant Buddakan, a Stephan Starr restaurant located in the heart of Philadelphia.  Guests mingled, dined and fully enjoyed the modern Asian themed exotic cuisine.

The final events were the Slingmax® SCAMPI (Slingmax® Conference And Major Product Information) and a tour of the new facilities.  Guests were guided through the brand new, 50,000 square foot Slingmax®/ I&I Sling headquarters where company representatives displayed never before seen products and applications.  In an Annual Dealers Conference first, vendors were invited to display industry products to Slingmax® dealers and partake in the unveiling of the new facility. 

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