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At the Wire Rope Exchange we have provided our members with a medium to buy and sell new, used, and surplus wire rope, rope, equipment and industrial hardware. The Wire Rope Exchange is an international sales resource that has provided this service since 1984 with no commissions paid to the Exchange.


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How Does It Work?


After you have registered as a Wire Rope Exchange Premium member, update your company page with your logo and business description. Then start adding products to your Exchange storefront.


Listing on the Wire Rope Exchange is easy. As a Premium Member you can sell any piece of equipment, industrial hardware or product you would like. There is no limit to the amount of items you can list but we ask you keep your items current.


Users will contact you directly through email about your product listings. Once you have found a buyer for a specific product, all price and shipping negotiations are settled directly between you and your buyer. Don’t forget to remove an item after it is sold.

Membership Benefits

Business Storefront

Only Premium Listing Members can create their own business storefront and sell unlimited products on the Wire Rope Exchange website. Customize your storefront with your business logo, contact information, business description and link to your company's main website. Sell where the industry goes to buy.

No Commissions

The Wire Rope Exchange is an international sales resource that has provided this service since 1984 with no service fees or commissions paid to Wire Rope Exchange.


Premium Listing Members and Plus Members are included in the Wire Rope Exchange Online Business Directory. Be a part of our Lifting and Rigging Business Directory by including your business contact information, logo, business description and link to your company's main website.

Magazine Subscription

Premium and Plus Membership includes subscription to the Wire Rope Exchange magazine, published bi-monthly and circulated to 5,000 companies worldwide. The magazine includes business features, project highlights, the latest industry news and product announcements as well as the catalog printed directly from the Wire Rope Exchange and including all current listed products.

* Both Premium and Plus Members of the WIre Rope Exchange are renewed annually. E-mail notification will be sent prior to membership renewal.


  • All Material Handling
  • Alps Wire Rope
  • Associated Wire Rope & Rigging
  • Associated Wire Rope Fabricators
  • B/A Products
  • Caldwell Group
  • Chant Engineering Co., Inc.
  • Chicago Hardware & Fixture
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • Crosby Group
  • Cumberland Sales Company
  • Durabilt Durbin
  • Elite Sales
  • GN Rope Fitting
  • Harrington Hoists, Inc.
  • Holloway Houston, Inc.
  • Jergens
  • Ken Forging, Inc.
  • Landmann Wire
  • LEEA
  • Lifting Gear Hire
  • Maritime Marketing Associates
  • Modulift
  • Peerless Industrial Group
  • RUD Chain
  • Slingmax
  • SPS
  • Straightpoint
  • Strider-Resource
  • Suncor Stainless
  • Talurit
  • Tandemloc
  • Ulven Companies
  • Van Beest B.V.
  • Web Sling & Tie Down Association
  • Weisner Steel
  • WireCo Worldgroup
  • Wirop Industrial Co., Ltd.