SCX Gives the Port of Dover’s Berth Operations A Lift

Europe’s busiest ferry port – the Port of Dover – is working with Street CraneXpress to ensure that berth operations are at peak efficiency with the help of preventative crane maintenance.

Street CraneXpressa leading national service provider of crane maintenance, inspection and repairs, has been working with the Port of Dover for the past 12 months to provide a customised planned preventative maintenance program for three of their berth cranes: one gantry crane and two workshop cranes. Street CraneXpress service engineers are regularly on site at Dover to inspect and maintain the different functions of each crane including the hoist, the long-travel drive system, the electrical system and structural welds.

Derek Evans, Street CraneXpress Area Sales Engineer said, “Being proactive rather than reactive is the key. If you wait to call services after your crane breaks down, or even after a slight fault occurs, the process of repair can take much longer than intended and by then you’ll have already begun to reap the financial consequences let alone the lost time.”

Berth and gantry cranes used at ports are required to endure extreme weights and long, gruelling duty cycles. They must be regularly inspected, monitored and maintained in order to reduce the chance of breakdowns. Planned preventative maintenance helps to keep cranes operating efficiently with minimised downtime.

“Our planned preventative maintenance service involves regular on-going tool box meetings on site and the outdoor servicing of Dover’s berth and workshop cranes in accordance with UK law – PUWER and LOLER Compliance Full Mechanical, Full Electrical and Full Lubrication. We also provide a digital service checklist and test the running of cranes with follow up by their service desk for any repairs or breakdowns,” said Evans.

Richard Christian, Head of Communications, Port of Dover said, “As Europe’s busiest ferry port, reliability and efficiency is key to keeping people, trade and vessels moving.  Preventative crane maintenance is an important part of that and a reflection of how seriously we take our commitment to remaining resilient on behalf of UK plc.”

According to Evans, “Planned preventative maintenance is a much more practical alternative to reactive repairs. It saves you time, money and unnecessary inconvenience by extending the lifespan of cranes and ensuring their optimal performance.”


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