Safety Latching Lifting Hook for Pipe

PEMCO of New Mexico is now manufacturing the Safety Latching Lifting Hook for Pipe (Patent Pending).  The Lifting Hook for Pipe was designed to provide optimal safety when picking up and laying down pipe and tubing. The “Safety Hook” has a safety latching mechanism which is unique to lifting hooks. The latching mechanism is spring loaded, which allows the pipe to be loaded (hooked) into the pipe hook without having to press the trigger mechanism. After loading the pipe, the spring loaded latch rests against the inside stop of the hook, keeping the pipe securely within the pipe hook. The Safety Hook is designed for the pipe coupling to rest against the side of the hook. Pulling the trigger retracts the latch from its closed position to its open position, which allows the pipe to be released from the hook. The trigger guard protects the user’s hand and also acts as a slide guide when loading pipe into the hook.

We are currently manufacturing three different sizes of the Safety Pipe Hook; the 2 3/8”, 2 7/8” and 3 1/2“ pipe hook for upset and non-upset pipe.  A shorter handle version is available for use as a general safety pickup hook (i.e. to pickup tubing tongs, etc.). Additional sizes of the Safety Pipe Hook are available upon request.

PEMCO of New Mexico, Inc. certifies that the Latching Pipe Hook assembly has been tested to pick up and hold a maximum of 2,800 pounds. The certification process included pull testing and maintaining 2,800 pounds of weight from the Latching Pipe Hook for 24 hours.

Note: Each Latching Pipe Hook is designed to pickup and to hold a specific size of pipe. Always use the correct size Latching Pipe Hook with the respective pipe size. When the pipe size changes, then the Latching Pipe Hook is to be changed to meet the specific size of the new pipe.

To find out more about PEMCO of New Mexico’s Safety Latching Lifting Hook for Pipe, contact us at (575) 392-5553 or email us at .

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