Safety Latches for DIN Hooks: A Note from Miller Lifting Products

What is the big deal about the safety latch for a DIN hook?    

Like the safety latch on any hook, if it is missing or inoperable it can compromise safety, stop the job, and cost money.

Hooks are an integral part of the crane and hoisting industry. Today’s world is getting smaller and here in North America, we see hooks from the far corners of the world. Hooks manufactured in Europe are typically manufactured to specific international DIN standards. European-made DIN standard hooks have found their way onto many different cranes and hoists everywhere. You most likely have them in your fleet or your plant right now.

“DIN” stands for Deutsches Institut für Normung, in English, the German Institute for Standardization. DIN hooks are dimensionally unique as are the safety latches. A safety latch for a DIN hook will not fit a non-DIN hook, and vice versa.

Forged hooks tend to last. They are big, heavy and durable, but what about the hook latch? Not so much. Hook latches are required, as you already know. Though is very easy to remove a hook latch when broken, not replacing it with the correct safety latch can be irresponsible and dangerous.

Miller Lifting Products has been supplying the crane and hoisting industry since 1935 and for years has been the largest supplier of DIN hooks in the USA. As DIN standard hooks became more prevalent, Miller increased its industry service commitment and now maintains a ready stock of replacement safety latches for all types and sizes of DIN hooks.  This also includes heavy duty positive locking models (HDPL) which are required for certain applications, as is the case for lifting of personnel, regulated by OSHA Rule 1926.550(g).

A little about DIN hooks

The working load limit (WLL) for a DIN hook is determined by the size of the hook and the alloying level of the steel from which the hook is forged.

In our industry, hooks used are typically forged from carbon steel, alloy steel, or higher alloy steel (super-alloy) steel. These steel materials have successively higher strength characteristics.  Therefore, hooks of the same physical size can have different load ratings depending on the type of steel used.

Also, all DIN hooks are marked with a FRAME SIZE.  A hook with a frame size of 4, for example, will have a WLL of 9t, 13t or 18t dependent upon whether it is forged from carbon steel, alloy steel or super alloy steel. Of course, as the frame sizes increase for a given steel alloy, the WLL increases.

For DIN replacement safety latches only the hook frame size is relevant. All DIN hooks are individually stamped with the frame size and material type.

So, you have decided that it is time to replace your DIN hook safety latch. Your only questions at this point are, 1) “what is the frame size of my hook?” and, 2) “do I need a standard flapper latch or a Heavy Duty Positive Locking (HDPL) latch?”

Then, using attached hook latch replacement guide, simply locate the frame size that is stamped on the hook, choose the correct replacement latch part number, and give us at Miller Lifting a call.  Miller stocks standard flapper type hook latches through frame size 80 for single hooks, and through frame size 100 for duplex hooks (“sister” hooks). We also stock heavy duty positive locking latches for single hooks through size 63, and for duplex hooks through size 80. Larger latches are available to order.

Miller Lifting Products is in the business of designing and manufacturing lifting and pulling swivels, hook blocks, shank and eye hooks, overhaul balls, insulated lifting links, and more.

More information on Miller’s hook latch kits or any information about any Miller Lifting product can be found at


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