Safe Lifting Europe First to Offer Green Pin Power Sling Shackle for Hire

Holland-based Safe Lifting Europe has become the first rental company in the world to stock the new Green Pin Power Sling Shackle range, available in capacities from 125t to 1,250t.

The product, manufactured with maritime, energy and other heavy lift applications in mind, boasts a number of standout features, including eight lifting points that add versatility and convenience for rigging professionals. Currently Safe Lifting is the only supplier to offer the product, underscored by the tagline, ‘Power to the Wire’, on a rental basis.

(Pictured: Anja van Beest and Mark Heick in front of a Green Pin Power Sling Shackle.)

Mark Heick, marketing manager at Safe Lifting, said: “It’s important that we continue to respond to the market and stock product that meets its requirements. If it takes being the first rental firm in the world to stock a new innovation, we’re prepared to take that step. Moreover, we have complete confidence in the Green Pin manufacturing process; the training and education we’ve been given on the new shackle suggest it will be a popular addition to our range.”

Other notable features of the product, launched only last year, include a 10% wider crown and optimal D/d ratio (the diameter around the object upon which the sling is bent divided by the overall diameter of the sling being used). The manufacturer said this increases bending efficiency of wire rope up to 85% and, when making a sling, customers can save up to 20% on wire costs. Additionally, each shackle has been proof tested to twice its working load limit (WLL) and has passed 40,000 test bed cycles.

Anja van Beest, export manager at manufacturer Van Beest B.V., said: “Buyers love the cost savings on the wire ropes, and installers praise the unique handling points that make their work so much easier and safer. We receive requests for information about the product nearly every day. It is unique; no other shackle for heavy lifting presents the additional safety features the Green Pin Power Sling Shackles offers.”

“Further,” she continued, “It is the only heavy lifting shackle in the world that has been type approved by DNV [DNV GL standard DNVGL-ST-0378 – Standard for offshore and platform lifting appliances; and DNV GL standard DNVGL-ST-0377 – Standard for shipboard lifting appliances]. Products approved by this certificate are accepted for installation on all vessels classified by DNV GL.”

Heick said: “We anticipate that these characteristics will suit the product to on and offshore maritime customers, particularly in the wind market. Not only is there much activity in that sector as the year gathers pace, but the time-saving attributes of the shackle range will be attractive to a marketplace where evermore competitive tenders are contended.”

Van Beest pointed to additional features, including a hole in the nut to attach an auxiliary lifting wire for installation; tommy bar holes to tighten the nuts (no large tools needed that can jump off the nut); recessed markings (cannot damage so always legible); RFID chips installed for digital tracing; markings on both faces of the shackle body (no need to turn heavy objects to find markings; users can always read them whichever side is up); and off-centre lifting point in shackle pin to enable manipulation with a hoist during installation.

The Power Sling Shackle joins other Green Pin products in Safe Lifting’s rental range, including the GP P6033 Sling Shackle and GP P6036 Heavy Duty Shackle. The company also stocks an existing range of heavy lift shackles up to 1,500t capacity, but will invest in higher capacity rigging equipment if required. An existing client base is expected to drive initial demand for the new shackle but Heick anticipates enquiries from prospective customers as word spreads of availability.

He said: “We’re committed to healthy stock levels and have multiple units of each capacity, up to 1,250t, available immediately. We need to be able to respond to demand for short-term rental for single lifts, and long-term hire for project durations. Supply of the Power Sling Shackle will be the same as for other products; the customer decides the period of time they require the lifting component and we make a compelling case to choose our solution.”

Van Beest concluded: “Running large rigging projects for demanding end users is their [Safe Lifting’s] core business. Many companies rely on their expertise to perform these jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. These are exactly the kind of projects that benefit the most from this unique new shackle.”

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