RSS Provides Lifting and Rigging Gear to Install Test Vessel

Rope and Sling Specialists Ltd. (RSS) provided equipment and personnel as a 50t test vessel was installed at a specialist manufacturer of military, nuclear and oil and gas equipment in mid-Scotland this month (December).

RSS, a supplier of lifting and rigging equipment and related services, fulfilled the contract for the undisclosed customer, working a prolonged shift to oversee the installation of the vessel at its testing facility. Shackles, 20t capacity slings and hydraulic skates addressed the main challenges of getting the vessel from horizontal to vertical and then into its final location.

Davey Walker, business development director (Scotland) at RSS, explained: “The onsite [50t capacity electric overhead travelling] crane couldn’t get to the final installation point due to restrictions on travel. We had to get as far as the crane would allow and then lower the vessel onto skates, before pushing and pulling to get over the fittings the client had already set into concrete. Once over the fixings the vessel was jacked up, the skates were removed and the vessel was lowered onto wooden pads to allow for jack removal.”

Notably, the RSS team arrived onsite at 8am in preparation for work to commence but, as Walker reported, the special transport that was bringing the 20 ft.-high vessel to the site was delayed—initially until lunchtime and then until 8pm. The install team remained at the facility and eventually began unloading the unit, utilising two horizontal and two vertical permanent lifting points, 12 hours behind schedule. Successful install was complete by 11pm, however.

Walker said: “The project involved extensive planning; I attended a number of meetings with the relevant parties and went over the entire project with a fine-tooth comb. The manufacturer provided detailed information about the load, including information about centre of gravity, etc. so we could be productive as soon as the vessel, eventually, arrived.”

The vessel was delivered with 30mm-thick plated feet that had to be positioned over the aforementioned foundations that were installed by an outside construction company. Timbers were used to stop it sliding as it was raised to vertical.

Walker added: “Our customer base is growing with more specialised industries coming on board. At present I am dealing with companies in America, Kazakhstan and Trinidad, principally with marine contractors. Overall, this year was very exciting with some healthy orders giving us much encouragement as we address 2020’s early opportunities.”

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