Rope and Sling Installs Goalpost Runway Systems for Radiator Manufacturer

Rope and Sling Specialists (RSS) has installed three identical goalpost runway systems to eliminate the need for manual handling of heavy parts at Stelrad Radiator Group, the leading UK-based manufacturer of domestic radiators.

The 500kg safe working load (SWL) goalpost runway systems span packaging lines at Stelrad’s Rotherham facility, which is only a short distance to the north of RSS’s site in the same South Yorkshire town. The systems were each installed with push travel trollies, lifting beams, and hand chain blocks that will be used to lift items during the radiator packaging process.

They measure 3,606mm across, while 3,655mm separates the footings on each side of the conveyor belt than runs underneath the lifting beams and hoists. The freestanding structures were originally manufactured to stand at 2,200mm high. However, upon installation, it was decided to raise them a further 200mm to allow more headroom for personnel, which required 16 stools to be sourced at the 11th hour.

Mick Gill, senior testing engineer at RSS, explained that once the stools were fabricated, it was a case of lifting the frames up using two Genie lifts and a lift truck with fork extensions, sourced from his company. He oversaw installation alongside Gary Coleman, site engineer at RSS.

Gill added: “Sometimes you have to be dynamic and work with a customer or end user to tailor the solution to fit their requirements. Although we’d conducted site visits and submitted drawings, it’s important the installation team is always prepared to be flexible.”

Shaun Wilkinson, services manager at Stelrad Radiator Group, said: “We are very pleased with the result. It was important for us to implement a system that promoted sound lifting technique and sustained good health and safety practices. Previously, these problematic handling tasks had to be carried out manually. I use RSS for all our lifting equipment on site, including slings, chains, and specialist lifting gear.”

The full scope of work covered supply, installation, and proof load tests. Upon completion, RSS conducted those tests to 625kg with a recorded deflection of 1mm. The installation took four-and-a-half days to complete. Initially, Stelrad ceased production to accommodate the job, but operations resumed for the last two days and both companies had to work around each other.

Local firm, Regional CAD Systems Ltd, of Sheffield, manufactured the goalpost runway systems and beams. Stelrad manufactures and distributes 2.5 million radiators a year from its Mexborough site and offers standard steel panel radiators as well as decorative and designer radiators and the UK’s leading range of low surface temperature radiators. It has been manufacturing steel radiators since 1936.

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