RigIT App Now Available for Download

The RigIT app allows all engineers, crane operators, and riggers to have instant access to all rigging capacities at their fingertips.

Job site safety is at a premium, so knowing rigging capacities is extremely important. Download this app today and never question your rigging capacities again.

The RigIT team has compiled charts that will keep every person involved in job site rigging safe by giving the most up to date rigging data available.

Simply pull out your iPhone, iPad, or iPod and know exactly what size wire rope sling, chain sling, polyester round sling, flat web nylon sling, or shackle you will need for every pick on your site.

The RigIT app will safe you time from running back to your job trailer and referencing your catalogs or having to call your local rigging representative for rigging capacity information.
It eliminates the use of numerous outdated cards that clutter your pockets and no need to remove your hard hat anymore to check a sticker stuck to the inside.

RigIT app is simple to use and environmentally friendly.

Download via the itunes app store by clicking this link.

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