Redaelli Ropes Matheson before Dressing FLEXMINE 500 silver for La Colorada

Redaelli makes its way to St Andrews Goldfields, The Holloway, Holt Mine and Mill are located at the eastern end of SAS’ land package in the Timmins Mining District, northeastern Ontario. The Timmins region is very important in the production of gold with several other major Gold producers in the area, such as Gold Corp and Lakeshore Gold.

The Holt Mine is accessed by a timbered rectangular, three-compartment shaft to a depth of 350 meters and four compartments to a depth of 1,195 meters. The ore zones are accessible by track drifts from the shaft, and all access within the zones are trackless ramps and sub-levels.

On their production hoist, Holt Mine will be using our Pack 1P Seven ropes, 45 mm diameter and 2,134 meters total length supplied. This rope has the key properties that St. Andrews Goldfields were looking for in a hoist rope: high breaking force, wear resistance, flexibility, rotation stability, crushing resistance, and better cross-over performance.

Redaelli is very proud to provide its famous Pack1P Seven Rope as “production ropes”, that are vital for any mining operation.

In addition, Redaelli, along with Pan American Silver and JS Redpath, is taking part in the La Colorada Expansion Project that is currently underway.  La Colorada is an underground polymetallic silver mine located in the Sierra Madre mountain range in Zacatecas, Mexico.

The project’s main components include:

1. New 600-metre deep shaft and hoisting system.
2. The development of new mining zones, the expansion of the mining fleet
3. Expansion of the sulphide treatment plant to approximately 1,500 tons per day
4. Expansion and upgrade to the mine’s dewatering and ventilation systems
5. Expansion of the tailings storage facilities and the construction of a new power line. 

Redaelli supplies Flexmine 500 because Flexmine ropes are the best choice for sinking applications in deep shaft mining due to their high breaking strength, and resistance to rotation, crushing and wear. Redaelli is proud to be helping both companies by supplying them with our famous Flexmine family of ropes.


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