Ranger to Celebrate 20 Years in Business at New Facility

New South Wales, Australia-based Ranger Lifting will mark 20 years in business at its brand new facility in Prestons, a suburb of Sydney, on Saturday 22 September 2018.

The lifting and rigging equipment supplier, which also recently opened a site in Melbourne, will combine the grand opening of its new headquarters, 40km southwest of Sydney’s central business district, with a day of celebrations involving staff, customers, media, representatives of industry, and local dignitaries.

The facility, three times the size of the previous site, will be transformed for the day but retain its essence as a lifting, safety, and below-the-hook centric workplace. Family-owned Ranger will be represented on the day by Steve Thacker, managing director, who was among the company’s founders in 1998; his wife, Verity Thacker, quality assurance manager; and son Ashley Thacker, general manager, who recently completed 16 years at the firm.

Ashley said: “A very high percentage of businesses do not make it past the first year and nearly all do not make it to five years. So making 20 years is a huge achievement and we wanted to celebrate not only what we have built in that time but everyone that has played a part. Our staff are a huge component of the success of Ranger but suppliers, clients, and a whole range of other business connections have helped us get where we are today.”

Details of the event remain closely guarded but it is anticipated that a cocktail party, speeches, and music will be on the itinerary. A professional event coordinator has been hired to ensure a memorable occasion delivers on its purpose to reward everyone who has played a role in the company’s journey—and thank past and present customers.

Steve said: “A big portion of our clients have become great friends. Business is not just about buying and selling to a person or firm; it is about working together to understand needs and expectations. Relationships have been integral to the success of our business. We’re not inviting clients to celebrate with us—we’re inviting friends. Many of them have grown alongside us and it’ll be interesting to chink glasses and reminisce somewhat, although the focus of the event is as much about looking forward as it is reflecting on what has been.”

Verity added: “When I look back I really don’t know where the last 20 years have gone. I remember distinctly the day we had to make a big decision when the opportunity was presented to Steve to take the business on himself. Obviously our immediate concern was being successful enough to pay the mortgage. Sometimes in life you just have to take the plunge.”

“Like any business, or life in general, nothing is plain sailing. The relationship between Steve and Ash in both the business world and personal life is just amazing. As a mother and partner I could not be more proud of them both. It’s a personal perspective but within the grander celebrations in September, there’ll be many such stories, which makes it all the more important to invest in marking this milestone,” she concluded.

Ranger is expected to unveil a commemorative logo in the coming weeks.

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