Product Innovation is the Key to Modulift’s Continued Success

Product innovation has been the driving force behind Modulift’s success over the past 5 years. Their growth has been driven by both custom solutions as well as their innovative off the shelf products too. Offering safe lifting solutions has always been the priority in their design, whilst ensuring all new products meet the exacting requirements of their extensive global distribution partners and worldwide customer base.

Two of their products that have taken the industry by storm over recent months include the Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam and the Modulift Active Link, with orders being sent as far afield as Japan and Australia.

The Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam launched in 2015 to provide lifting professionals an efficient, lightweight and economic below-the-hook solution. Whereas the Modulift Active Link, which launched in 2017, offers an integrated wireless load cell into Modulift’s existing drop link component for the Modular Spreader Beam series.

Whilst both innovative products have been a success since their respective launches, Modulift has seen a substantial growth in sales this year as the global lifting industry continues to demand the benefits that these innovative products offer.

The Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam

The revolutionary Modulift Trunnion Spreader Beam is modular in design, ensuring compatibility with their existing products. It also provides a wide range of benefits for high capacity lifting operations, which includes significant time savings when compared to similar applications using standard rigs below the hook, taking only half the duration in the rigging up phase, tests suggest.

So what makes this product so special? The globally recognised Modulift Spreader Beam has been modified and the drop link removed to make way for the trunnion pin and cross pins. This allows for direct connection of slings to the spreader beam. 

Other features include improved safety, as there are no heavy shackles and drop links to manoeuvre; thus saving time due to more efficient rigging; cost efficiency over standard spreader rigs; and the Modulift hallmark of modular design as the Trunnion End Units can be used with the existing fleet of struts from the modular spreader beam range. Making it a versatile piece of equipment to have!

The Modulift Active Link

Developed in partnership with the well renowned load cell and load monitoring equipment specialist Straightpoint, the Active Link was designed to integrate its strain gauge technology.

It measures the applied loads at both ends of the Spreader Beam, providing wireless real time data. The perfect solution for both weighing and dynamic load monitoring. Data is transmitted wirelessly up to 700 metres to a USB transceiver that is connected to a Windows computer or tablet via a USB port.

By replacing the standard drop link component, the Active Link, presents a host of benefits with time, cost and weight savings as it doesn’t have to be sourced as an additional rigging tool. Another prominent feature is that the height of rigging is significantly reduced, especially beneficial in low headroom applications.

Sarah Spivey, Managing Director, Modulift, said: “It’s interesting to note how some products are an immediate success whilst others (and often the ones we think will be an immediate best seller) can take longer to become industry staples. After 5 years, these two products are now well established in the market, becoming firm favourites with our customers.”

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