Phillystran Developes X-Trema Guard Rope Protection Sleeve

Phillystran, a specialist in high performance synthetic fiber ropes, has developed the X-Trema Guard rope sleeve to protect ropes from external abrasion. The braided, durable sleeve can be easily slipped onto a rope to protect the splice eye and other parts of the fibre rope from abrasion. 

During mooring, towing and lifting applications, fiber ropes can be exposed to a range of abrasion hazards such as fairleads, bollards and rope-on-rope wear. If left unprotected, the heat generated by the abrasion may wear the rope away causing it to eventually fail under load. Applying the harder wearing X-Trema Guard sleeve protects the rope from abrasion, ensuring optimum service life. 

The X-Trema Guard sleeve is a braided jacket made from either high tenacity Polyester or Dyneema® fiber. Dyneema® fiber is among the highest abrasion resistance synthetics available in today’s market. “The X-Trema Guard sleeve gives the best possible protection to fiber ropes working in demanding applications where there is a risk of abrasion. Using the braided sleeve will significantly reduce the effects of fiber rope abrasion and ensure maximum rope service life,” says Greg Savage, industrial sales representative, Phillystran. 

Phillystran products are used worldwide in a broad range of marine, industrial & military rope applications. Phillystran has a reputation for excellence in the development of rope performance, longevity and efficiency.

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