Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. Introduces Model UNVB Universal Lifting/Spreader Beam

Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. introduces their UNVB, Universal Lifting/Spreader Beam ideal for indoor lifting or outdoor construction applications. The UNVB is available from 1/4 Ton thru 7 Ton capacities with lengths from a minimum of 4 feet to a maximum of 12 feet.  Additional sizes and capacities are available.

The UNVB Universal Lifting/Spreader Beam features a fully adjustable design, is ideal for accommodating various load sizes, and can be utilized as a lifting beam where headroom is limited or a spreader beam where extra stability is required. As a lifting beam, the upper lift point is adjustable for off center loads. As a spreader beam, it is utilized with upper rigging spread between two lift points to add extra stability to the lift. It can be easily configured as a three or four point lifting system with additional beams. Features include: one upper and two lower shackles, and can be ordered with optional chain top rigging.

The UNVB is engineered and manufactured to ASME B30.20 & BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 2 and has a specified fatigue life of 100,001 to 500,000 load cycles. All UNVB, Universal Telescopic Lifting/Spreader Beams are Proof-Tested to 125% capacity.

Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. has been innovating successful products for over 100 years.  Today, as a worldwide provider of lifting solutions, utilizing our exceptional design, engineering, manufacturing, and quality teams, we continue to develop crucial products for the wide variety of markets we serve.  Peerless is part of KITO Corporation’s global network providing our customers access to overhead lifting, below-the-hook and material handling, cargo control, hardware, marine and traction products.

For more information about Peerless Industrial Group, Inc. visit us online at

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