Peerless Industrial Group announces leadership change

Peerless Chain Company, a division of KITO America, has announced that President & CEO Tom Wynn is retiring effective March 31, 2015. Mr. Wynn has spent more than 42 years within the industry. He has served on numerous industry Boards and received several awards for his contributions in the chain, traction and accessory business. Mr. Wynn has been with Peerless for 18 years with the past eight as President & CEO. During his tenure he has facilitated company growth that led to becoming the market leader in the industry where products are used in diverse markets globally. Mr. Wynn will remain with the KITO Corporation as Senior Consultant assisting with future strategic projects.

April 1, 2015, George Kosidowski will assume the role of President for Peerless Chain Company. Mr. Kosidowski currently holds the position of Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. He is a ten year Peerless employee with experience in sales, marketing, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), product development, distribution and manufacturing. He also represents Peerless as Vice President of the North American Chain Manufacturers (NACM) Board of Directors.

Andrew Grimm will expand his role and assume the lead as Vice President of Sales & Marketing for the Peerless organization. Mr. Grimm, a nine year Peerless employee, currently holds the title of Vice President of Industrial & Heavy Duty Sales. His expertise in sales, marketing, product development, M&A, and manufacturing will be a driving force in facilitating continued growth and expansion.

Tom commented, “I am so pleased that all our plans have come together in respect to my planned retirement, the legacy of the Peerless team moving forward with KITO America and my ability to continue adding value in an advisory role. I am looking forward to continuing my work as a Senior KITO Consultant and also spending significant time with my family.”

Established in 1917, Peerless is the market leader in the design, manufacturing and supply of chain, overhead lifting, cargo control and traction products in North America. Headquartered in Winona, Minnesota they operate three manufacturing locations and six distribution centers. The company offers best-in-class products, innovation and custom solutions to a diverse industrial and consumer customer base. Peerless is also recognized around the world for the premium product brands of ACCO, Peerless, Security Chain and the patented products provided within each brand.

KITO Corporation is a worldwide leader in the design and manufacture of Hoists, Cranes, and other components for overhead lifting and other material handling products. Kito Americas, Inc. is the US subsidiary of KITO Corporation and is the parent company of Harrington Hoists, Inc. Peerless Industrial Group and KITO Americas. KITO Americas, Harrington Hoists, and Kito Canada operate two manufacturing sites and three value added distribution sites in North America.

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