OIPEEC Conference/7th International Ropedays – Call for Papers

OIPEEC and IFT invite all engineers, scientists, researchers and all other interested in wire- and fiber rope technology to share their knowledge and experience by presenting a paper at the joint 2021 OIPEEC Conference/ 7th International Ropedays in Stuttgart, Germany.

Topic of the papers shall include all types of ropes (fiber, wire hybrid) as well as all kinds of rope applications such as cranes, ropeways, offshore, elevators, construction, mining equipment, industrial applications and more.

Papers and presentations should relate to design, inspection, maintenance, testing, or endurance related matters.

OIPEEC and IFT is encouraging industry experts to submit paper abstracts by June 2020.

Further details can be found at www.OIPEEC.org and www.ift.uni-stuttgart.de.

What is OIPEEC?

OIPEEC is a worldwide association of scientists, experts, researchers, manufacturers and users dedicated to study properties and behavior of wire and fiber ropes.

OIPEEC collects and disseminates studies related to a wide range of applications such as, elevators, cranes, ropeways, rope for construction, large mooring lines, hoisting ropes for mines, deep-water lifting ropes, and industrial ropes.

OIPEEC promotes works covering all aspects of rope technology including design, selection, degradation, inspection, endurance and discard.

Established in 1963, OIPEEC currently has over 100 members from more than 25 countries.

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