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A1A Software Recognizes Level 3 Certificants of 3D Lift Plan

Posted on December 21, 2020

A1A Software LLC, congratulates six individuals who achieved Level 3 Certification of 3D Lift Plan in 2020. The company offers three levels of certification in order to verify a user’s product knowledge and proficiency of the lift planning program.

To achieve Level 3 Certification, users must pass knowledge and practical exams at each previous level. “Level 3 users have demonstrated the ability to complete complex lift planning tasks. We commend these individuals for their achievement,” said Tawnia Weiss, President of A1A Software. Examples of complex lift planning tasks include planning multi-crane lifts, creation of custom rigging or loads in the 3D environment, determining ground bearing pressure and selecting crane mats, uploading Google Earth images and creating lift plan videos. 

A1A Software offers weekly online training for basic, intermediate and web tools users. Advanced training is available online by appointment and exams can be executed remotely.

“Depending on your role in your organization, there are benefits for achieving any level of certification. Level 1 and 2 users may be involved in sales or project management, while Level 3 users may be lift directors or lift planners, safety personnel, or engineers,” said Weiss.

2020 Level 3 3D Lift Plan Certified Users