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Van Beest Acquires Heuer Hebetechnik

Posted on October 24, 2017

We are delighted to announce that the Van Beest Group recently acquired the German company Heuer Hebetechnik. Heuer Hebetechnik is renowned for supplying a complete range of premium quality, heavy duty crane hooks of various sizes and for the customization of its hooks to customer specifications (e.g. additional machining, adding safety features). Products such as Point and Ramshorn hooks can be made to conform to a wide range of standards including DIN, British or American standards. Heuer Hebetechnik is the preferred partner for many Original equipment Manufacturers (OEM) from Germany and Scandinavia due to its excellent availability, quality products and flexible service. The company is based in Iserlohn, Germany and has 9 employees.

Van Beest has traditionally been strong in below-the-hook fittings and has based its growth strategy in large part on an expansion to crane hooks. The acquisition of Heuer Hebetechnik contributes significantly to that expansion due to its strength in Germany, a key market with many leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Heuer Hebetechnik will be an independent company within Van Beest. There will be no changes in your business with Van Beest or Heuer Hebetechnik for the moment.