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Pelloby Wall Jib for Roller Shutter Door Outdoor Loading Bay

Posted on May 27, 2016

The ISIS complex, a state of the art research centre at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford, run by the Science and Technology Facilities Council, recently had a Pelloby wall jib crane installed to transfer goods through a roller shutter door located on an external wall.

The crane was required to help with the maintenance of equipment used in researching complex atomic materials processes. Located on the second floor of a key building on the site, this roller shutter door was designed to allow passage of important materials – transferring them directly to where they needed to be rather than offloading them on the ground floor and transporting them to the upper level manually. The removal of this intermediary phase of unloading goods from the van or lorry before moving them inside helped increase the overall efficiency of the building.

To make this possible Pelloby supplied the complex with an innovative 180 degree slewing wall jib solution that could extend out of the roller shutter door to offload heavy duty control racks from lorries outside, while tucking away neatly away against a pillar when not in use to allow the team to fully utilise the available space.

The system supports safe working loads of up to five tonnes and a handheld remote governs the crane’s rotational movement and hoist control which allowed the team to operate the loading bay equipment system from either inside the building or outside from the loading bay.

Pelloby’s Managing Director, Glen Hickman, explained “having worked with ISIS in the past on several overhead crane and post jib crane installations, we were confident from the outset of the project that we could provide a bespoke lifting solution that would increase the efficiency of the client’s day-to-day operations.”

Pelloby tailored all of their crane designs to the application in hand and each of their systems is made to order at their UK manufacturing plant, meaning they are ideally placed to produce a bespoke lifting solution to meet any requirement.